1. New chapter

The sun shined over the Horizon as I walked to the barn. I let out a loud whistle telling the horse up on the hill it was time to come in. The first horse to look up was ghost. Ghost is a Appaloosa mustang. He is a wild stallion with a great herd. But if he needs a brake he comes down and hops the fence of moon light ranch to eat with the other horses. Harley, Blaze, Chilli, Paris and Kelly. They are the ones who go up to the back hill paddock. He looked at me one more time then turned on his heels and jumped the fence and ran like the wind back to where his herd waited. I let out another whistle and the other four came galloping down the hill. I put Kelly and Paris in round pen three and Blaze went into the barn. Turbo went in round pen one and I was going to groom Harley. "Hey boy how are you?" I asked the horse offering him a treat. He gently took it with his lips and after I pulled my hand away he started crunching his treat. A couple minutes later I had just finished rapping Harley's legs when Steven my stable hand came out and pointed down the drive way. I followed his finger to see a stressed looking Ghost was haft hidden in the side trees. "I'll finish. You go help him" Steven said taking Harley's lead rope. "Thanks Steven I won't be long he probably just gained another mare and she's not getting along with the others" I said trying to make it look like I would be right back. "Don't lie I know you will be with him all day long just don't think I will do your chores." I laughed "don't worry I'll be back" I put my phone on vibrate and started slowly making my way down the drive. "Ok Ghost what's wrong?" I whispered he took a step closer to me and muzzled me hand. I ran my hand down his neck and when I got to his withers I pushed of the ground and landed on his spotted back. I settled myself quickly and clucked to him. He started off at a flowing gallop. After a while Ghost slowed down and stopped a few feat from some trees and it was only then I heard voices, men's voices. I peeked through the trees to see Ghosts herd and a few other herds in a portable round pen. "Ghost what do we do!" I whispered to the mustang. Just then I noticed that Ghosts lead mare wasn't there. "Colleen" I said out loud. "What?" I heard a voice right beside me. I jumped and almost screamed a hand covered my mouth. "It's me" a girls voice hissed I looked beside me to see my sister Colleen on Ghosts lead mare Jumper. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw Colleens face and not some mustang steeler. "What do we do?" I asked her. "Ok here's the plan." She said sitting sideways on Jumper. "Because Jumper is fast I'll go over there and whistle then when I take off the guys should come after me th-" I cut her off "why whistle?" I asked her. "Because I saw a guy like them on the way here and read on line that one go's looking for more and if he finds then he whistles and the other will go to him with ropes and horses to take those mustangs to the round pen. So then once they are far away from the pen go and leave Ghost haft way to the pen then open the door the herds bolt so be careful. Ghost will see his herd and chase them away before he takes off jump on his back. after Ghost chases them to the valley meet me at low river bend and we will chase the herds in different directions so they don't get rounded up again." "k go" I waited two minutes after she whistled then took Ghost haft way to the pen and dismounted. I ran to then pen and opened the gate Colleen was right they did bolt it's a good thing I was up and the rail! Ghosts herd was last to leave. I jumped onto Ghosts back and he took off chasing his herd up the valley.

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