The Last Princess

Setsuna was only five when she found out she would be engaged to Prince Kyoya. She prepared her whole life to be perfect for him at her parent's orders while he's been passive and quiet about the whole affair. Now when she is twelve, they meet and Kyoya is a bit more interested in winning her favor. Marrying Setsuna is the only way for him to be king but he just has to wait for his time, or perhaps force it. But unexpected emotions get in the way when they finally meet. [Young Setsuna is the only one to succeed her father's throne so he betrothed her to an older prince at a young age. Now they have their first meeting.(rating is close to 17+)]


1. Setsuna


                     Today is the day. Everyone is running like crazy. I’m trembling. Yumi-chan sits next to me having her make up done.

“I-I’m really scared.”

“He’ll accept you, don’t worry.”

“I-I’m kind of excited too.”

I want to see him and hear his voice. I bet he’s nice; he has to be.

“Hold still girl,” they say to me.

In an instant it’s silent. I’m stuck in a room by myself. It’s a sitting room that faces the pond in the courtyard. I guess they’ll come get me when it’s time. Mother never gave me any motherly advice, she only gave me orders. Father hasn’t spoken to me this whole time. He only glares and frowns lately. I look over at the door. It may be a while.

I get up and walk to the edge of the room. The pond has the cutest fish in it. It’s just what I need to see right now. I’m distracted looking at it. I turn around to check on the door again and see a man standing there.

I’m afraid to acknowledge it but I know this is him. His wears a black suit with slicked back hair like I imagined. He’s so tall. I feel uneasy.

“Kyoya-sama?” I say aloud.

He nods.



So this is him. I instinctively take a step forward then stumble over my robe. I stop myself but he lunges forward grabbing my shoulders. My heart is beating so fast; I’m nervous.
I look up at him. He really is an adult. I move away from him and we stand inches from each other.

“You seemed distracted. What were you looking at?”

“Our pond. I found it calming.”

“Perhaps I should have a look.”

He walks to the edge of the room and steps onto the walkway. He sits down right above the pond.

“Sit, Setsuna-san.”

I walk cautiously to him. Tripping earlier was embarrassing. Sitting next to him is exciting. I keep peeking up at him but his face is straight.

“D-did you ever get my letters?” I ask him.


I can’t help but smile in relief. So it hasn’t been for nothing.

“You’re sneaky to figure out a way to contact me.”

“I know. Please don’t tell my parents. They would be very-”

“It’s fine. It’s okay to keep secrets between us.”

I can’t stop smiling. This is exactly what I wanted.

“Do you have any more secrets?” he asks me.

“Uh…I uh-”

“In time. You don’t have to rush things.”

“Do you…I mean…I’m sure you have a lot going on. Is this engagement what you want? My
parents won’t like it but I can always say no.”

“That’s sweet of you but you’ve known about me since you were five and I’ve known about you since I was thirteen. I plan on marrying you.”

To hear it come from his mouth is too much.

“I should ask you….after meeting me, do you really want to fall in love with me.”


I spoke without thinking. But I do. He’s a great man. I put my hand over my mouth. I’m not supposed to be so outspoken.

“I look forward to it,” he says to me.

I can’t stop smiling. His face is so calm; it’s cause he’s mature.



“We probably won’t get much time alone so I want to say as much as I can.”

He takes a card from his pocket and hands it to me without looking.

“It’s my personal number. Don’t show it to anyone else.”

“Yes, of course.”

This is going so well. I think we like each other.

“You can call me if you want to talk but be sure not to get caught.”

I’m so happy right now. This is perfect. I look over at him but he still won’t look at me. He’s not smiling either. Maybe I’m the only one that’s happy. Being here is his duty too. Perhaps he’s just being nice so his parents won’t yell at him.

“You look miserable. I’m sorry.”

I get up and walk back to the door. It’s so hard to move in this robe. Before I can slide the door he grabs my hand. I try to hold back tears. No man like him would willingly want to be my friend. He’s big and strong and probably has prettier women waiting for him that he had to give up on. I’ll never be as mature as him; I’ll be nothing but a burden.

“Why are you crying?” he asks me.

“I can’t believe you’re genuine.”


“You won’t even look at me.”

He lets go of me and still keeps is head away. He thinks I’m ugly. Even all this make up couldn’t hide it.

“It’s hard to look at you. I am sorry. You should tidy yourself before they come in.”

He hands a handkerchief to me with his back turned. I feel like an idiot for being so happy. I try to muffle myself and wipe my tears away. Mom is gonna be so upset at me if she sees my ruined make up.
I open the door and run out. I can’t wait for them to come and get me. I run back to my room and stare at my mirror.


Yumi-chan stands above me. She’s the only person I can hug.

“He hates me,” I say into her stomach.


“He can’t even stomach looking at me.”

She kneels down to me.

“Then deny him. Say you don’t want to marry him. This deal benefits the Niwa family more than us.”

He was everything I expected but I wasn’t what he wanted. She spends time fixing my makeup.

Fine, I’ll deny him. Seems like something he would want.

“You’re growing up all in one day,” she says to me. “It would have been nice if it worked out. He’s very handsome. Oh and when you see his older brother, Kantarou-sama-”

“I was set on Kyoya-sama.”

“You still have to go through with the meeting. I bet they’re all looking for you. I’ll try to deflect the attention.”

“I have to give him my answer.”

We headed to the main meeting room. She said they were all gathered there waiting for Kyoya-sama and I to arrive. The small time together was supposed to give us a positive impression of each other.

She opens the door for me and the whole room turns to us. He’s here too. I avoid him but he avoids me first just like before.

“Setsuna,” mother stands up.

“She just felt a little nervous so I calmed her down,” Yumi-chan said.

I’m still nervous. That man in the military uniform must be Kantarou-san. This is my first time meeting another royal family. I remember from training that I’m not supposed to speak. Yumi-chan and I take our seats. Unfortunately my seat is at the head of the table next to Kyoya-sama. His family sits on one side and my family sits on the other.

His parents could be mistaken for one person; they’re so close. My parents would never be so affectionate. Father is still frowning. A server places tea in front of me. I keep my head down during the exchange.

“She’s just a child. Nervousness is expected,” his mother says. “She’s such a cute girl, isn’t she, darling.”

“She is a work in progress but thank you for the compliment, Tomoko-sama,” mother says.

“You’re niece is very cute as well. Have you married her off yet?”

“She’s not exactly a royal. Her mother is disgraced.”

“What a great introduction,” Yumi-chan whispers to me.

“But she’s allowed to stay here because Setsuna likes her.”

I’ve been squeezing my hands the whole time. I look down and see his number crumpled. The numbers are fading because of my sweat. Would he really have talked to me. His words were sweet but I can’t believe them.

“Setsuna-sama, how do you feel about Kyoya?” his mother asks me.

I’m not supposed to talk. But now is as good a time as any to reject him. I look up at him one more time and he turns his head away.

“I…I don’t accept him. I refuse to marry him. I’m sorry to waste all of your time.”

They all look so shocked. Father stands up and walks over to me. He towers over me. He wouldn’t hit me in front of them.

“Come with me a moment.”

I naturally obey. I follow him out. It’s my decision; I refuse to marry him. I’m doing it for Kyoya-sama’s sake.

“Father, I-”

“What the hell has gotten into you!”

I think that’s the first time he’s talked to me in weeks. We’re not far enough away; they can still hear.

“I’m doing this for him. He doesn’t want-”

“You don’t have a decision and neither does he. How dare you embarrass me in front of them!
They rule a nation five times the size of ours. You need him if our nation is to survive.”

“I’ll run our nation. I’m the heiress-”

“You’ll run it into the ground. You’re an idiot. You would never get a man like that if not for my negotiation. Get on your knees and apologize.”


“I’m sorry to interrupt, sir.”

Father turns around sharply then lowers his anger. I peek pass him and see Kyoya-sama standing in our hallway.

“Kyoya-sama, there was no need for you to come here. Setsuna was about to come back in and apologize.”

“There is no need for that. I understand why she would reject me.”

“No, you don’t have to be so polite.”

“I wanted to ask for your permission to have some more alone time with Setsuna-san.”

More alone time with me. That sounds like an awful idea. Father approaches him and they exchange words. Then father walks back.

I don’t want any more time with him.


Sorry , my updates are lil'shorter. as i said this is my first time writing  fiction so just trying to keep it safe. so what did you like about this story?

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