The Last Princess

Setsuna was only five when she found out she would be engaged to Prince Kyoya. She prepared her whole life to be perfect for him at her parent's orders while he's been passive and quiet about the whole affair. Now when she is twelve, they meet and Kyoya is a bit more interested in winning her favor. Marrying Setsuna is the only way for him to be king but he just has to wait for his time, or perhaps force it. But unexpected emotions get in the way when they finally meet. [Young Setsuna is the only one to succeed her father's throne so he betrothed her to an older prince at a young age. Now they have their first meeting.(rating is close to 17+)]


8. Kantarou



She’s pretty impressive. Convincing her stubborn cousin to come is actually helping her not me. I head to his office. He still won’t tell me his plan; perhaps it’s safer not to.

“Kyoya,” I say at his door.

We just got back and he’s already writing.

“Writing in your diary again?”

“Just notes about Setsuna-san.”

“She just called me.”

He stops immediately and perks his head up. I take a seat. He’s anxious to get it out of me. He
looks at his cellphone and puts it down.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s quite a negotiator. She convinced her cousin to come but only if I take responsibility for her safety.”

“That’s great.”

What’s with the frilly ribbon on his desk. I reach for it and he pulls it away. He’s been weird since he met the little brat.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he says to me.

“She asked me if you like her,” I say to him.

“I do.”

“Enough to leave the servants alone.”



“Kan-nii…when I looked at her, I felt something. When she talked to me, I felt something. I feel-”

“Stop it already. She’s a cute girl but, you’re not in love with her.”

“I’m not but in time, I want to be.”

He has to be kidding.

“Kyoya,” I say trying to snap him out of it. “Are you just trying to play the part-”

“No…I went there with the intention of playing the part but…I just want to be good to her. She trusts me so much. She has the biggest eyes when she looks at me.”

My brother the notorious playboy is settling down with a twelve year old. But…I think he’s serious. And so he feels guilty about it. I get up and slap him on the shoulder. If he likes her then, I’ll have to protect her too.

“Consider the princess’ safety my top priority.”

“Thank you, Nii-san.”

“I have to get back on duty.”

“Please bring Yumiko-san here as soon as you can.”

He starts to write again. His mind is confused. She met his expectations that’s all, maybe even exceeded it.


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