The Last Princess

Setsuna was only five when she found out she would be engaged to Prince Kyoya. She prepared her whole life to be perfect for him at her parent's orders while he's been passive and quiet about the whole affair. Now when she is twelve, they meet and Kyoya is a bit more interested in winning her favor. Marrying Setsuna is the only way for him to be king but he just has to wait for his time, or perhaps force it. But unexpected emotions get in the way when they finally meet. [Young Setsuna is the only one to succeed her father's throne so he betrothed her to an older prince at a young age. Now they have their first meeting.(rating is close to 17+)]


3. Kantarou



This place is a disaster. It’s like a civilian house. Where’s the security. No cameras, no one patrolling the halls. A man could just stroll up the princess’ room without anyone knowing.

“So now you love him. Are you serious?”

“I think so. I mean, he hugged me and I liked it.”

“I’m happy for you but I just hope he’s not playing games with you.”

“Kyoya-sama isn’t like that.”

I lean closer to the door. It’s cracked but I can see them getting undressed. They have so many layers. I should interrupt before it goes too far.

“Princess,” I say knocking.

“Who’s that?”

The door opens and the little princess stands looking up at me.

“Uh, Kantarou-sama.”

“Sorry to interrupt. I was hoping to have a word with Yumiko-san.”


I suppose it is surprising. No disgraced royal would expect to have words with me. This is her only chance. She puts her robe back on and pulls her hair back. I hear these traditional women aren’t allowed to be seen their hair down.

“Step out a minute,” she tells the little princess.

I don’t know what Kyoya has planned but we need this marriage to work. She was working hard to make herself presentable. Even a disgraced royal knows how to act in front of the first prince.

“You are close with the princess, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I am a Han commander and in charge of palace security. If you wish to be close to the princess you need to know how to protect her. I suggest you take a lesson from me.”

“Uh, really?”

“You’ll be coming back with us tomorrow morning. You have no parents so I don’t really know who you’d ask for permission.”

“I’m not fit to be a bodyguard to her.”

“So you Morinaga women are used to talking back. All the more reason for you to have a lesson in our culture.”

“What are you planning?” she asks me.

“I’m trying to give your life a purpose. When you’re found to be useless you will be purged from the palace. I’m trying to give you some usefulness.”

“I would never step foot in your country if it breeds men like you.”

“Suit yourself.”

Kyoya wanted her out of the palace for a reason. IF she refuses, we’ll see what fate awaits her.

“I know you’re planning something. You better not harm Setsuna-chan.”

“Are you threatening me? You really must not know who I am.”

I better leave before I have to show her.


This is a prettty short chp. I promise to make the next chp. longer. If possible please vote and comment.Would mean a lot to me.

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