The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


13. Vervain, The Vampires Enemy

"Get up you come on!" 

I shot up out of bed at this shouting at me. I looked up to see Bex, A ring of blood round her mouth.

"You foul monster" I spat at her. Still sitting in my bed. My hair like a birds nest. God I hope Alex didn't wake up during this commotion.

"I really don't care Topic." She sneered at me. Her fangs on show. I knew she saw me as an easy target, I was not as well trained as others to begin with. Im also the easiest to manipulate. But now tonight. I would play along, of course I would or my plan wouldn't work. But she will feel pain tonight. Just like that boy she killed in the forest. Yet she won't die from it. No. I wouldn't let her die from it. To easy that, not easy to get away with, Just that she wouldn't have to feel the pain for too long. She was going to feel this pain for months. I snapped back to reality and saw Bex's face millimetres from mine. The blood on her pale, white cheeks.

"What about his family?" I whispered.

"Who cares! I got fed. Saves me from eating you. Now you will let Damon in got it?"

"Y-Yes" I stammered. Her veins were sticking out from her pale neck, her eyes growing darker and darker.

"Good" She snarled and dragged me out of bed by the collar of my shirt. "Oh yeah. I give your two minutes to make yourself decent" 

I jumped up and brushed through my hair, Leaving it down in its dead straight formality. I threw on a blue beaded top and a pair of shorts and I was done. I mean, I've seen Damon before. He's pleasing to the eye lets say. And with this opportunity, I was gonna dress up to meet him. Even if I would invite him in then throw a knife at his girl friend... Anyway. Bex stormed into my room just as I was putting the last of my knives into my back pocket.

"Come on!" She screamed at me "I don't have all day!" 

I followed her out of my room, at her heels. I couldn't help but notice the dress she was wearing. It had male finger marks all over it as well as female. Damon. I hope my knife hits him. My head was down for the whole time we walked over to her window in her bedroom. My glasses just staying on because of my ears.

"Now. Invite Damon in Topic" She spat in my face. How a girl so nice could become so cruel was unknown. But I obeyed. If I didn't she would try to kill me, But I can heal myself and others. It would have taken a long time for her to kill me. So she wouldn't try more than once. She would go straight to Alex. Then I'm sure Queenie and Secrets would have mountains of fun plucking his wings feather by feather. Not on my watch thanks. 

"Come In Damon" I said in monotone as Bex smirked behind me.

"Why thank you... Tops" I clicked my jaw, Only Alex calls me that. I heard Bex laugh at him and his mouth curled into a smirk. I now see the reason they are together. A 200 year odd 21 year old and a 17 year old. Jeez. 

"Hey Babe" Bex smiled at Damon before leaning forward and their lips interlocking. When they finally ran out of breath, which felt like an age,  Damon came out with the worst thing he could have said.

"I smell angel. Want a snack Bex?" I exploded. He wasn't going to kill Alex on my watch thanks!

"No." I said. "You won't have a 'snack' on an angel, Not one thats my boyfriend either"

Bex stood there wide eyed. I forgot to tell her Alex was an angel. Oh well. 

"No thanks Damon" She Said, Her tone suddenly loving and not deadly. "I'm full from that college student I devoured earlier"

"That was you.." I said in disbelief. I knew they were there but, I didn't know they killed him.

"Yep. It sure was my beautiful strong girlfriend" Damon pronounced. 

"Y-You monster" I said through my teeth

"Seems I am a monster doesn't it? Oh boo hoo." Bex said mimicking my voice. I couldn't hold back anymore. My hand flew to my back pocket and before I knew it a knife flew out of my fingers. I instantly regret it as the vervain soaked knife hit Bex in her left shoulder.

"Vervain" She hissed as she fell to her knees. I started strutting back to my room when I heard a clang. I glanced back quickly to see Damon's bright blue eyes stare back at me, I saw a familiarity in his eyes. As if I had looked into them the same way before. They were the same colour as mine also, Electric blue. But his showed anger at me, Like that knife he pulled out of Bex's shoulder, the same sharpness and pain. But I think he recognised me too. I couldn't be sure. I slipped into my bedroom and tripped over Alex trying to get into bed.

"eghsmugh" Alex mumbles as he turned over. Thank god I hadn't woken him. I just got into bed, Shoes and all. To tired to change. I know that the friendship I'd had with Bex had been really severed now. Maybe non existent. But I didn't care, But I did if that makes sense. The sooner those two get married the better. They will always be together and he will be allowed in the house. No more me inviting him in. I poked my head out the door to see the two of them in the middle of a make out session.

"Eugh" I whispered before closing the door lightly. I got back into bed and looked up at my ceiling, the milky way was painted in blues and greens and whites, making me feel as if I could look up into the sky.

"Goodnight Kenny" I said before turning over and falling asleep to the ticking of the clock

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