The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


14. Suck Her Blood ... Honey.

I woke up late, The sun bursting through my curtains. I jumped up and slipped out of my bedroom, Making sure that there was no sign of my knives from the night before. Taking the stairs two by two I made it downstairs quickly. I was ready to beat Secrets. I wolfed down cereal and went back upstairs. Throwing open my wardrobe I put on a striped maxi dress, blue flats a blue blazer, my glasses and ran back downstairs. He beat me. Again.

"Hello Topic!" he greeted with a toothy smile. "Good timing! 3.89 seconds faster than yesterday! but not faster than me yet, now my payment?" 

I scowled and handed him over a new garment of clothing. This time it was a gun belt. Who knows what I'll have to make next. I sat next to him as I pulled out my phone and texted alex. I couldn't help but laugh at the stupid photos and texts he had sent me. I never smile much around family. Alex was the only time when I let myself free, Secrets knew this. He turned to me with a look of suspicion. Curious as to why I was laughing. 

"Who are you texting?" He asked, the fur around his mouth soaked in milk.

"Alex, Why?" I answered turning to look at him, My expression now stone cold.

"Just wondering" He said looking back at me, A look in his eyes I had never seen before. A look he doesn't like using. A look that was obvious to me.

"Ok, Who's the unlucky lady" I said smirking at him. Secrets turned around, A look of fear and shock on his face. 

"H-How did you know?" He said, a bit shaken up.

"The look in your eyes, That and your phone went off with the name 'Julie <3' earlier" I smirked. I already knew of course. I never go into a conversation without my facts. Unless I was feeling overly confident, or extremely clueless. 

"Nice to know you are delving into my personal business even further Topic" Secrets answered with a nod of his head.

"Yup!" I said jumping down from my chair in satisfaction. I knew more about his social life than I think he did. Result.

I walked out to the garden to find it overrun with vampires. Just what I need on a Monday morning. Seeing Bex through the crowd I ran towards her, my hair flying out behind me. I needed some hair bands.

"Bex, Bex, Bex!" I screeched as I came to her, bashing into her side "Oops, Sorry!"

"Topic" She gritted her teeth. I knew she wanted the garden to herself, I could also tell that she hadn't eaten in days, her veins sticking out from her pale, white neck. Her cheeks dark and shallow, her eyes black.

"Oh look! It's Tops!" Damon said, Making sure I heard.

"Damon" I hissed through my teeth, feeling for my knives in my back pocket. I was determined to hit him this time. 'No'. I told myself, 'No,No,No'.  I obliged my wishes.

"Bex?" Damon questioned her, looking at me quickly, a look of pure pleasure in his eyes "You hungry?"

"yeah, a bit" Bex answered, licking her lips "I'm on the bunny diet"

"Well, I have a solution to that problem, Love" He answered her, his hands on her hips. 

"What would that be?" She questioned, turning to look at him. Love in her eyes. For once not murder.

Damon lifted me up roughly by the collar, my glasses falling out in the process. Unable to see I dangled above the ground in his grip. His hand had my collar bundled up in it. I was choking to death, and he knew it. 

"You know Bex, This one's ripe for the taking" He hissed, I could feel his cold breath on my neck.

"What do you mean?" She asked, even though I knew that she understood.

"Suck her blood...Honey"

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