The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


3. Fights

I walked into the kitchen to see the hooded figure unmasked. She was beautiful. 

"Call me Aunty" she said in the sweetest voice. "your uncle is abroad. His name is thomas. Just don't get on the wrong side of him"

I heard the bathroom door slam twice and heard a growl rise in my chest. I threw a knife at the furry's head. I really shouldn't have.

"Topic!" Aunty screeched. "How dare you throw a knife at your big brother"

"B-But I've always had problems with furrys" I muttered spinning knives around my fingers


"FINE" I shouted and threw more knives at the furry who's name i found out was secrets. I missed. Great. I collected them with speed and threw them at Queenie who was smirking in the corner. 

"GET A LIFE" I shouted hitting her in the right of the chest. I walked out and down into the training room to let out my anger on a doll. Yeah i know my way around here already. Don't judge. I heard a giggling from the corner. I calmed down and went over.

"Hi" I said to a girl who couldn't have been over 15. "I'm Topic. Nice to meet you"

"Ha ha ha. Funny. Cute." She smiled "But this is funnier" 

Before I knew it my hair was cut at an odd angle. So guess what! I threw knives at her and they all missed her body. Her body. I saw one fly and it slipped through her hair with ease right down at the scalp.

"NO!" I heard her scream. Ha serves her right about messing with me. I went up into my tree house and texted Alex. Even his name was dreamy. I had scheduled to meet him for a date at the pizza parlour the next day. The problem was... How was I gonna get there? 




I knew! I had a plan!

I could 'borrow' Queenie's motorbike and go that way! 

I looked up through the hole in the roof and saw the stars. I saw the big dipper, little dipper and the north star. Just how Alex and I used to lay on the grass. How he fell for a run away like me I don't know. One thing I do know is I love him. I may be only 11 but i'm sure. This posh prince's heart is much greater than others. He would look after me. He would protect me. He would be my fairy tale prince


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