The Shadownight Family: Topic's Diary

I'm Topic. Young afriad? You wish. I throw knives at people I've just met, live in a tree house and walk around in corset dresses. I sew new clothes, write a diary and try to sneak onto helicopters. Did I mention I keep a shotgun in my shoe? I am a shadownight. This family is anything from normal. I keep a diary to get away from it all. But jeez. I'm Topic. Follow my story.


15. Black Out

I stayed there, swaying above the ground in his grasp. His fist getting more clenched by the second. Bex had turned off her emotions, It was pretty damn clear to see. She was coming towards me, Eyes black, Veins sticking out of her pale white neck, Her fangs protruding right out of her gums.

"She looks ripe" Bex hissed, as she strolled up to me with a look of murder in her eyes

"She is, Incredibly so" Damon said, his eyes focused on my blue veins on my wrist. 

"No" I squirmed as he took his head lower and lower to my pale, young wrist. Then in a moment he had bitten me and I was struggling to survive.

"Damon, Let me have some! She's my sister after all" Bex said, overcome with hunger as she clawed my ankle, sucking up the blood slowly. Causing as much pain to me as possible.

"Oi!" I heard someone shout from the house, it was a drunk scream with an accent that reminded me of the pirate programs that I watched when I was younger.

"Put 'er down Bex, Dam'n" I heard him shout, a deep voice. I then realised who it was. It must be Midnight's husband, Thomas. The sailor who is pretty much always drunk and in a fight with one person or another from what I'd heard.

"Thomas?" I moaned in pain, as the two vampires kept sucking the life out of me, drop by drop. My powers were strong now, but struggling to keep up with the pace they were reliving me of life.

"Did you's 'ear me! Put 'er down!" Thomas bellowed. I felt the hard ground beneath me and the sound of two sets of footprints sprinting away.

"Well, My job's done 'ere" Thomas mumbled going back inside. I was left on the grass in the middle of the garden to die I guess. 



That was the last thought in my head before I blacked out completely.

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