Behind the stage.

We are touring trough Holland. Nobody knows I'm one of "that popular boy band" called Knowless.

It's not weird that nobody knows me. I'm only behind the stage. I sing. For someone who calls himself a "singer". But he isn't. He doesn't even sing one single word in a whole concert. He only takes the applause. I should get that applause. But I don't. I'm only behind the stage...


3. ||BTS|| The band has born.

It started a long time ago. Some friends of me wanted to start a band. They asked if wanted to join them. Actually I really didn't like music at that point, but I didn't wanted to be a loser, so I said I would like to join their band.

At the beginning I was the drummer of the band. We've got a guitar player named Ian, a keyboard player named Kyler and a singer called Eric. (Yes, the "murdered cat" Eric)

So now we've got the band, we only need to have a name, and a studio. The studio wasn't a very big problem. Eric's parents were very rich, and they've got a big house with a garage next to the house.

We've got the permission to do whatever we wanted to do with the garage, but if our school results were going down because of the band, we had to quit.

So everyday when we came out of school, we go directly to Eric's house. We made our homework together, so it was finished very quickly, and then we get to the studio to practice.

Our studio looked very cool, like a real studio. We had our very own instruments, and we painted the walls black with flames.

So our checklist was almost done;

We've got our instrument (check)

We've got our band members (check)

We've got a studio (check)

So we only need a name.

How we came with the name is actually a pretty fun story.

We were at school, and some of those really "popular" football players were bullying us. They said something like: "You guys are starting a band? How sad! You know less about music than about maths! Geeks!" So that's how our band is called "Knowless".

I think they were just jealous about us, because we really sounded very good. Our instrumental parts were rocking! But there where the vocal parts aswell. As I said, Eric was our singer, and I already said you how bad he is in singing, the only difference is that we were pretty good friend back there.

We (Ian, Kyler and I) had secret meetings about how we can:

A. Kick Eric out of the band, and search for another studio,


B. Tell Eric that maybe we can all sing together (so people barely hear him)

We decided to choose option B. Now we only had one problem. Ian and Kyler were pretty bad singers. They were all pretty bad to be honest. I know from some of my other friends that I can sing better than Eric, so everything dependent on me.

Two problems:

I had to sing with cat murderer Eric, and I also needed to tell him what we wanted.

That was kind of a problem.

He really didn't appreciate that. He was very angry after I said it. He was yelling at me, and he didn't wanted to see me for a couple of days after.

When Ian and Kyler talked to him, he finally saw what we referred. He didn't liked it, but he understood.

Our first performance was pretty bad. There where a lot of people, (because we invited like the whole school or so) but Eric voice... It was terrible. And when people asked who sang so bad, Eric immediately said that it was me...

Everybody believed him. He was the singer, I was the drummer.

He were the popular guy, I was only one of his band members...

So we just putted Eric's microphone out the next time, and my microphone was on, I sang, he playback. And because I was sitting behind my drums, nobody saw me singing.

That's when it started.

But I still didn't answer why I don't, you know, leave. I will tel you. I will tell you soon.

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