Behind the stage.

We are touring trough Holland. Nobody knows I'm one of "that popular boy band" called Knowless.

It's not weird that nobody knows me. I'm only behind the stage. I sing. For someone who calls himself a "singer". But he isn't. He doesn't even sing one single word in a whole concert. He only takes the applause. I should get that applause. But I don't. I'm only behind the stage...


2. ||BTS|| About singing and Eric

After I finished my breakfast, I need to get ready for singing class. Actually, that's the most fun thing of the day. I can finally do the thing that I like the most: Be myself and sing for a couple of ours. I need to practice the songs I got to sing that night, and have to make sure that I know everything.

After I sung all the songs, and learned all the lyrics, I need to practice with Eric.

Eric is the most selfish guy I know. I really, really hate him. I don't know what all those girls see in him.

It starts when he comes into the room were we practice. He doesn't even say hello to me. He just make the same bad joke every time again. "Hey there, how is it with my voice?" I can be very mad about that, but it just doesn't matter. He will do it again somehow.

Then we need to sing together... Our manager thinks that it will help us. But Eric just can't sing at all! It sounds like you're listening to a cat who get murdered. Eric thinks that, if we practice a lot together, he can sing very good one day, so he don't need me anymore. I hope it will be true one day, but I don't believe in him.

And I hate him. Did I already tell you that?

After Eric "the murdered cat" and I practiced for a while, Eric goes outside through the main entrance, where all those girls are (Knowless! Eric! Knowless! I love you!) and I go outside through the back entrance, so nobody will notice me. If somebody will notice, I just tell them I'm from the technics. I tell it with a deeper voice, just to be sure nobody recognise me.

Probably you're thinking: "Why don't you just tell everybody who you are, start your own carrier?"

Well, I tell you.

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