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3. Midnight Rogue's Question(s)

Midnight Rogue's Question(s)

I'm going to avoid commenting on that Templar statement XD

Vidic was very much a large part of Desmond's story. He orchestrated everything, I think. He probably found Desmond, he probably ordered the kidnap, and he remained a thorn in his side throughout. Considering the first AC up to AC3 was, technically, a trilogy (the Ezio trilogy is technically just one long story) I think it was fitting for Vidic to die as well as Desmond. It meant that Desmond got his own closure before he died, I think.

Vidic's death also opened things up for the next series of games (I see ACIV as the beginning of a new series of AC).

So I thought Vidic's death worked really, really well as a story feature, and also works well as part of the wider picture. The attack on the company acts as a way to make everything a little more public; the presence of the Apple could not have been missed by everyone.

At the same time, though, I think I'm going to miss Vidic. Sure, he was a cruel man, but he put so much depth into the game.

So onto the next question, which I interpret as "who will replace Vidic?"

Laetitia/Laeticia (depending on which variation you're going with) seems very likely as a prominent Templar as things go on, but I think we're going to be introduced to some new Templars before we reach her. Unfortunately we haven't been introduced to that many Templars in the present day setting, and a number of those we have met are now dead. Melanie Lemay might end up playing a part, especially if Unity leads on from ACIV.

All in all, though, only time will tell on this matter.

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