Danté's Assassin's Creed Q&A

Ask me any and all questions regarding Assassin's Creed, and I will endeavour to answer them; if I don't know the answer I will do my best to find out.


1. How This Works (The Original Mumble)

"Hi all.
So, with Unity and Rogue getting gradually closer (oh gods, it's torture!), and the sheer scope of ignorance I have seen on AC fan pages on Facebook -_-) I've decided to do something of a Q&A regarding the Assassin's Creed series :D
How it will work is, I'm going to make a new Movella entitled "Danté's Assassin's Creed Q&A" (not the most imaginative title) and I will sit by and wait for people to post questions about the series.
Though I complain about ignorance XD there are some things I don't know, but this will give me opportunity to find things out as well.
It's just a bit of fun, really, but I would love for as many questions as possible. Flood me with them if you want XD
Have fun :)"

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