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6. A Chemical Reaction's Question(s)

A Chemical Reaction's Question(s)

This is a hard question to answer, as I do not feel that Assassin's Creed is crap. I find the intrigue, story and gameplay incredibly entertaining. Who doesn't like a good conspiracy?

Well, I guess there are some people.

So why do some people find Assassin's Creed to be..."crap"?

I've got a few theories on that matter:

1: The Genre - Third-person games are not popular with all people. In fact, first-person-shooters are one of the most popular game genres right now, often matched by strategy games. Assassin's Creed is a genre unto itself, which may be why some people don't like it.

It is a stealth-based game (though the recent titles don't necessarily show that), involving a great deal of problem-solving and imagination. Unity certainly promises a return to the original (great) games (pre-ACIII).

Why may this not appeal to people? Well, many gamers seem to prefer games where you're told what to do and where to go, and along the way you just kill as many enemies as appear.

Assassin's Creed requires more thinking. It's not a matter of following onscreen instructions, shooting the bad guys and reaching an objective. The player has to think about what they do as they go along.

If I kill this person will the alarm be raised? If I run here will I be seen? Can I take on that many guards without losing my target? It's based on analysis.

2: The Story - Getting into a machine and living the lives of your (or someone else's) ancestor is quite something. One second you're a guy in the modern day, gradually learning about these "Templars" and "Assassins", and then suddenly you're transported to the Crusades, killing these Templars you've only just heard about. It can be confusing.

I think the "time-jump" serves to put some people off the game. It gets all "wibbly-wobbly", taking you away from the linear, chronological storyline and confusing you a bit (I know I was confused by this at first).

And the presence of these secret societies might put people off as well. To an extent, some "players" might subconsciously be aware of how the events of AC mirror the events in the real world. Corporations having their own agenda, "freedom fighters" labelled as extremists/terrorists, changing society.

And this subconscious awareness puts people off. Not only is it too close to reality, but it's opening your eyes, maybe a little too quickly. This causes people to shut off, and they don't want to play.

3: I Don't Know - To be honest, only the person who considers the game to be "crap" can truly say why they think it's crap. I love the series. Sure, there are a few negatives to the series. ACIII took too long to properly get started, and the protagonist was not incredibly relateable (cultural barriers and an apparent lack of emotion). Yet the rest of the series makes up for that.

Now that I've given my answer, I would be very much willing to hear why you think the series is "crap". Thank you.

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