My name is Seth

About a boy with facial disfigurement, hope you enjoy


3. Truth

My mum is huge, fat and obese. I stop her from picking me up from school because it’s embarrassing having a monster for a mum (which she practically is) but the truth is that she is drug dealer. A BIG one too. My dad is one of her employees. So that’s when they initially “fell in love” My stepmother is the undercover boss. She doesn't actually handle any of the drugs, nor does she snort, inject, or swallow any of the drugs. She only does it for the money. The money then goes towards her alcohol and smoking addiction. Obviously she has to cover her tracks, that means changing phone every couple of the days so the police can’t trace her calls. She also tries not to be seen in public, as some individuals may notice her and make a fuss. My stepmothers name is Grace and my stepfathers name is Daniel.

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