My name is Seth

About a boy with facial disfigurement, hope you enjoy


6. The Start of a new life!

I stood there throughout lunch while I and Nigel spoke, we became good friends throughout the weeks, eating lunch together and joining up for sports. It had a smile on my face, I didn’t brood as much and enjoyed life more, I looked at the positive things in life. But life at home was still horrible, abusive language, abusive contact and just plain rudeness. But joy at school had overcome that speculation of life for me.

“Hey Nigel! I was thinking about, you know making a website for kids like us, who have problems, whadya think?” I was on swinging on the swings with Nigel, we would often come here to just chill out and chat or to play football. “Yeah that’s a good idea actually” I frowned, he looked surprised. “Anyway yeah we could make a website and you with your artistic skills we could make a bit of money and use that to fund it!”     

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