My name is Seth

About a boy with facial disfigurement, hope you enjoy


1. The beginning

My name is Seth. Not much to say about my life, except that I’m 12. My life ended when I was 8. So I guess I can tell you what it was like back then. After stuffing myself with luxurious chocolate cake on what was probably the best birthday in the world. I was oblivious that it would probably be my last. I sat on my bed hoping that the cake that I ate would digest quickly, but I was wrong. It had been a long day, it was overwhelming when I woke up in the morning and saw my room was bursting with presents. From Expensive pencils to rare drawings of other artists. I always wanted to become artist, I loved taking risks and changing things. And finally my parents, I loved them, they were the best parents and they had a great relationship between them. Oh and my sister Rebecca, who is autistic and is 15. Not much to say about her, she’s stuck on a different planet half the time, she grunts and squeaks when she needs something, but nevertheless I love her. A lot of our family members have disabilities, hence forth it makes us very open minded family. Ok, back to the story, so I’m in bed waiting for the rich cake to disintegrate in my much abused stomach. When I hear a loud BANG! Scared, I run downstairs, my legs felt like lead, my heart dropped a thousand feet. The room rumbled and so I didn’t believe what I saw, finally the room stopped rumbling. My parent’s bodies were crushed, by the huge closet in the living room. I see their poor faces and instantly know that they are dead. My mums face squashed into a pan and my dad’s legs crushed by the sheer weight of the closet. I fall to my knees and just sit there, doing absolutely nothing, the inside my body closes up like a butterfly wrapped up into a cocoon, I stay there not wanting to know anything, not wanting to see any more horror. I was finished. I manage to let out a strangled cry. I look up to stop my tears, to stop myself from going mad and then I saw my dad’s green and black samurai sword cut clean through the front of my nose through to my lips……

So that was what happened. Yeah, my nose is gone. They had to get rid of it because it was infected, my head was cracked since I hit a brick when I fell…..

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