Sapphire moon

Luna Reede, her older brother and parents are forced to move from Plymouth, Minnesota, to a small community called La Push in the state of Washington because something her parents have got to know of has put them all in danger. In La Push the truth reveals and things she only thought existed in old ghost stories becomes her life. Follow her changing life in this Twilight fanfiction!
This story is set about seven years after Breaking Dawn, The Cullen family does not longer live in Forks and some of the Wolfpack doesn't longer live in La Push. This story is mostly about the Shape-shifters in La Push and vampires in general, so it has almost nothing to do with the Cullen family.

Notice! This is a Twilight fanfiction that I have developed in my head for a long time. I have created most of the characters in this story but some are created by talented Stephenie Meyer and I do not take credit for them, as for the the world this story is set in.

Hope you like it! :)


1. Beginning of the end

I sat up in my bed, the whole room spinning because of the move. I had slept badly and my stomach ached. It was the day of our move from our house in Minnesota to a small place in the state of Washington and I felt like I was dying inside. I had to leave because of my parents, and no, not because they'd gotten a job there and therefore we needed to live there (even though that was what we were telling people that asked). No, the reason why we were moving was not unremarkable. This one was unbelievably weird and abnormal, and also scary as hell to be honest. The reason, the true reason anyway, was that we were in danger. A few days earlier my parents had told me about some people they had met in the city a few weeks before. These people had been inhumanly beautiful and had been so polite and friendly towards my parents that they had all became friends in no-time. These people were not like us. They were not human. They had told my parents there was a whole species of creatures just like them and they all weren't as human-friendly as they were.

Because my parents had been seen with them, my family could be in serious danger. Apparently these creatures only have one law and that law is that humans shall not know about their existence and if a human know, they need to be killed. Oh, and you probably wonder what kind of creatures these "people" are now, don't you? Okay, I will tell you but don't you freak out on me 'cause I'm not making this stuff up. I wish I did though.

These creatures are called vampires, yes it is hard to believe. But you see, these vampires are not like the ones you can read about in old books and find in mythologies. These vampires have once been humans and therefore their appearance is very similar to ours. What differences are their eyes, which parents told me are red, and their skin is inhumanly white. Also, they are incredibly beautiful as I said before. They are super strong and extremely fast. The worst part though is that they can move around in daylight without even get hurt. This means my family can't even be safe during the day. Which comes to why we were moving. The vampires that my parents met told them that the only place we could keep us safe from other vampires is in Washington. The place is a small community called La Push and there are some kinds of people that can help and protect us there. It scared me because if these people could protect us from vampires they couldn't possibly be human. There was no way they could be like us, but I had no choice. This was the only way. 

I put on the clothes I had laid out yesterday, a pair of blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a black, oversized hoodie and tried to brush my dark brown hair, which was hard because it was all tangled. I gave up after about a minute and threw my brush and the T-shirt I slept in into my already full black backpack and closed it. I picked it up and walked over to the door but before I walked out of my room for the last time I turned around and take one last look. I felt like there was a big lump in my throat and I needed to take a few deep breaths before I could force away the tears that burned behind my eyelids. This had been my bedroom for my whole life and it had always been the place where I had escaped to when I had been sad or angry. Now I had to run away from it because it wasn't safe anymore. This whole house wasn't safe anymore. I turned around and forced all of those thoughts away. I had never liked people seeing me cry and if I didn't calm myself down, someone would.

Just as I was about to open my door there was a knock on the other side. I opened it slowly, giving myself a second to recover from my thoughts. The first thing I saw was my brother's freckly face peeking around the door. I could see he hadn't had much sleep either, his eyes that always seemed so bright were dim and he had bags under his eyes.
"Everything alright, Scott?" I asked him and tried my best to give him a comforting smile, but I failed. We weren't close, me and my brother. We just never had the same interests and he was the most outgoing person while I was the one always shutting myself in and pushing people away. But that did not mean I didn't care about him, it kind of meant the opposite. I always wanted the best for him and it made me sad to see him like this even though I really could understand it and felt just as bad. He sighed and his eyes narrowed. 
"How could everything be alright, Luna? We have to move from the house we have lived in our whole lives because there are freaking vampires somewhere that want us dead. I had to f*cking drop out of college!" His voice raised as he spoke and I could see the anger in his eyes. It wasn't meant towards me though, I knew that. "And you, you have only one year left in High School and now you have to leave all of your friends and start your last year in a whole different school!"
I felt the lump in my throat grow larger and I tried to swallow hard. 
"Yeah, I know." I mumbled and walked past him. That made me close to losing it. I knew he hadn't meant to hurt me, but I really didn't want to think about the school part. It scared me too much.
I began to go down the stairs and Scott followed. A few steps down I heard a voice from the kitchen that I did not recognize. I stopped and caught my breath, I had never in my entire life heard such a beautiful voice, with an accent I really couldn't figure out, it was like he (I could hear it was a male's voice) was singing the words even though he was only speaking. I turned around to Scott.
"Who is that?" I whispered to him, but I could see he didn't know either because he was just as amazed as me. I could hear the man with the voice say something else and my parents respond to it and then there was silence. I turned to face the kitchen door, waiting for it to open. A second later it did and I saw him, the man with the voice and my jaw dropped. His eyes dark red. His skin so white it seemed like he was made out of paper, like it would break if touched. His face was even more beautiful than his voice and his hair was almost as white as his skin. I couldn't really think for a moment and when his eyes met mine I felt a chill shooting through my body. After a few seconds, when I could finally tear my eyes away from his, I saw that mom and dad stood behind him and they looked rather calm. That made me flinch, how in the living hell could you be so calm when there was a vampire in your house! 
"Who are you?" Scott's voice was frail, like he was frightened. The vampire man smiled, which made my heart skip a beat. It was the scariest smile I had ever witnessed.
"My name is Vladimir," oh, of course, that was why he had such a different accent, he was from somewhere in eastern Europe, "and I am a friend of your parents'" Even though the man scared me to death I couldn't stop listening to the beautiful sound of his voice. It was freaking amazing. 
"So you're the ass ruining our lives?" Scott's voice had picked up in volume and now he sounded like he was about to punch the guy. It took me a second to realize what Scott meant and then I could feel the rage beginning to fill up inside of me. That scumbag! 
"I am very sorry for that." Was all Vladimir said with his extraordinary accent and then he smiled at us both and turned around to my parents and told them he and someone named Stefan would follow them in a black Volvo all the way to Washington so that we could get there safe. Then he turned around again, nodded to Scott and me with a weird smile on his face that gave me the creeps and then he went out the door. I felt confused and looked up at Scott, who had never looked more furious. He gave me a look that said "don't" and then turned towards our parents, who still stood in the door to the kitchen. "What-" He began.
"No. Do not even start." Dad interrupted and held up his hand. "We haven't got time for that. Go make yourself some sandwiches and get ready to go. You'll eat in the car." 
When none of us moved he moved to stand at the bottom of the stairs and held out his hand towards the kitchen like an arrow. 
"Now. Go."
I was the one moving first. I knew that if I didn't, dad would come up and drag me to the kitchen. I walked past mom who had moved to stand beside dad with an "it-will-be-okay"-look on her face. She was playing the nice guy, trying to give us the feeling of having support and being understood. Yeah, I'd seen that a lot before. She never really understood though, she just acted like she did. 

After Scott and I had made ourselves some sandwiches, my with ham and tomatoes like I always like them and Scott's with only cheese, we walked around the house for one last time. Dad packed the last things into the car while mom went with me and Scott. It was so quiet and empty that it was scary. It didn't feel like the house I had always lived in anymore, it felt like an entirely different house. I felt uneasy so I went out to the car to help my dad with a suitcase that just didn't want to fit into our silver Ford Escape. I was partly pissed at him since he was one of the reasons why we had to move and could possibly have vampires after us that wanted us dead but there was a bigger part of me that felt sorry for him too. Maybe neither him or mom had realized this could happen and was just as sad to leave as me and Scott. I had to give them a chance. At least until I saw our new house and my new school.

It took me and my dad five minutes to rearrange all the bags and boxes in the car to make the suitcase fit. Scott and mom came out of the house just as my dad closed the trunk. He didn't even have to tell Scott to get in the car, he went straight to it and slammed the car door shut after he'd get in on the left side. I glanced at my dad and could see he clenched his teeth, he hated it when we weren't careful with his car. It was his best friend, he always said. This time he didn't do anything about it though, he just mumbled something to himself. I opened the passenger door to the right and jumped in. Scott was leaning against the window, his black Marshall headphones on his head and eyes closed. I sighed, this trip was going to be a long one.

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