Repent for the world

Poem for Salamasunny's Poetry/short-story contest
It's really just about discrimination and people ignoring problems in the world.


1. Repent for the world


These days the world is pretty hateful,

Discrimination is common event.

We call the bad things ‘fateful’,

And no one shows a shred of repent.


All around us is death and destruction,

People forget the beauty of life.

Mass killings and even abduction,

Don’t we already have enough strife?


The world is twisted – like human nature,

Variation crushed for being strange.

A world living without all the cures,

And a life bearing little change.


Despite all this, we seem pretty happy,

Even when we’ve gone to hell and back.

But with all this, being unhappy

Does seem to be little bit whack.


So we live everyday to its highest,

Trying to forget who we are.

We pretend but we all end up biased,

And most of us hide our old scars.

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