Bellatrix Lestrange - Backstory

Have you ever wondered what made Bellatrix Lestrange become a Death Eater? This is the story of her childhood, how Gryffindors betrayed and bullied her, and why she took Voldemort's side...


3. Is Everybody Dating!?

Ok, my first lesson was Charms. Apparently, we were told some really important stuff, but I wouldn't really know, as I kind of fell asleep... Anyway, I got really worried about flunking, so I went to talk to Cissy about it. (Cissy is my nickname for Narcissa.) But then, I found her kissing that Malfoy...Lucius, I think his name is. And I kept picturing her ten years from then, not as  Narcissa Jones, but Narcissa Malfoy. I shuddered, then went to talk to Sevvy (that, as you may have guessed is my nickname for Severus.) I walked around the garden for a while, calling his name. But, then I found him under a willow tree with Lily Evans (the future Lily Snape, probably,) and almost passed out. They may as well have a Yule Ball right now! Jeez!!!!

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