Bellatrix Lestrange - Backstory

Have you ever wondered what made Bellatrix Lestrange become a Death Eater? This is the story of her childhood, how Gryffindors betrayed and bullied her, and why she took Voldemort's side...


1. Hogwarts

Well, the day had finally arrived. I couldn't believe I was actually on the train to Hogwarts! My parents had told me how exciting it was and I couldn't wait to arrive! I looked around to see a boy outside my compartment, looking for a place to sit. I smiled and wavd at him. He stared at me like I was some sort of freak and took a seat somewhere else. I sigh. It didn't look like I'd be all that popular. Then, another boy appeared outside my compartment, with long greasy black hair and tears in his eyes. Shyly, he opened the door and says, "Hi. Do you mind if I sit here? No one else wants to talk to me. I don't really get why. They all just slam the door in my face like I'm a freak." "Same,"I replied. "I sit here,waiting for someone to join me,but they all take one look,and run away." The boy smiled. "Well," he says,"Maybe we could be friends.I'm Severus Snape,"he held out his hand.

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