An orc on adventure

Very good


1. An orc on adventure


Brug wakes up in the morning. He sees the light shining trough his window. He finds it disgusting. “Would anyone even like a sunny day?” He asks himself. He gets up from the stone he calls bed. He looks around in his dirty house.  Brug is thinking that it is a beautiful house. The more dirt there is the better. Brug took his battle-axe and went to the city. Today the city is holding a party with dirt and ale. Brug is so exited. After an hour of partying and beating each other up for fun the worst thing that could happen happens. The humans, those clean disgusting animals, jumped at us from the woods around us. They sat fire to the whole city and killed 10 to 20 orcs. When the humans left, Brug wakes up again. He looks around and sees the world burn. Brug screams and yells. He runs around to find his wife. He finds one other ork that is looking for his younger sister. Brug helps the other orc finding his sister, but she is nowhere to be found. Brug asks what the other orc is called. The other orc tells that his name is Kronk. So now is Brug and kronk running around to find Brug´s wife and kronk´s sister. Bit by bit there comes more and more orcs to the group that can’t find their families and friends. The people that were missing were found after some time except for three girls Brug´s wife, Kronk´s sister and a lover to an orc named dork. The three orcs does find a trail. It is the three girls. The three orcs grabs their Battle-axes and runs after them. Before they are out of the city the shaman of the city and the chief runs up to them at says that they want to go with them. Soon after the five orcs is on the way to find the three girls.

Brug is an orc that loves his family he is hard working and would do anything for them. He got his wife and a pair of twins. So right now the twins is alone. They get food and that stuff from Brug´s grandma.   

The five orcs finds a good place to sit down at make a fire. Not long after they begins to walk again because they know if they stay to long the humans will be long gone. They are searching and searching some times they got the trail other times they are lost it is hard to follow, because there are so many animals running around in the woods. After a few weeks they gets closer to the humans. They can see on the fire camps that they are two days away so now the five orcs speeds up. They are running day and night just to reach them. After three days they are sitting behind some trees just behind the human camp. Slowly Brug looks out and sees his wife sitting there in the sun. It looks so painful. The anger gets to his head and he rushes out. Everything is going so fast. Brug can see ten humans sitting and talking their so beautiful language, disgusting. He takes the head of the first with the battle-axe after that he’s going on a rampage. Brug sees red and can’t stop hitting those clean humans.  Slowly the humans get Brug on his knees. But Brug does not kneel down. He rises up again. In all that time the other orcs have saved Brug´s wife and is now ready to run into the fight. First is the shaman that uses some voodoo and makes all the orcs stronger and makes them have more bloodlust. After some time where they have been fighting back and forth the orcs wins hand takes a head for every orc they are, that is six humans heads now that Brug´s wife is with them. They take the head so they can give the humans a proper death. They talk about the fact that they have to get Burg’s wife back. After not too long they decide to take her back and do some stuff back home.

At home everything goes bad there are no help to get because the chief is out on the mission to get back the three girls. The twins are afraid they will never see their dad again. Every thing is going bad.

After four months the group of orcs get home and the first they feel when they get close to the city is the bad mood that is floating out of the city. They get closer and they see there are some people that are watching them and they yell to the whole city “they are back, they are back”.

There are one that askes “ where is the 2 other girls” Kronk and Dork says that they will go out after them in a few days. Brug tells everyone that he will stay back and helps the city and his family. Everyone in the city comes to help the orcs in to their houses and after that the city makes a party for them. When Brug comes in to his house with his wife the twins look up from their breakfast and sees their dad and mom standing their in the door they smile and says that Brug and his wife never may leave them again. After the party the four orcs Kronk, Dork, the shaman and the chief takes out again but Brug stays home he will stay back with his family and he tells them that he will never leave their sides again.


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