A sunrise… can make the mist in your thoughts go away

Tristan hates his twin sister, he is the black sheep of the family. After another burst of anger, he runs to his lake to gets his mind cleared. But his mind gets cleared in another way than he thought it would.


1. A sunrise… can make the mist in your thoughts go away

A sunrise…
can make the mist in your thoughts go away


A thought, an anger, a throw, a drop, a ring and a wave. Repeated again and again. Repeated till the numbness. All the thoughts, all the angers it withdrew, the only way to get it out of the body was there, only there, no other place, his place, Tristan’s lake, his beloved lake. When the anger gets too much, he goes there, takes a stone and throws it out in the lake, his dark lake with the stagnant water. He throws the stone; see it plumb into the water, the drops exploding around it, the ripples, each turning into a little wave.
The lake was odd, so quiet, if a teardrop fell in the water, it would be loud. Maybe he was there too much, but it was his hiding place, his only way to get away from his perfect twin sister. Everything was about her; everyone followed even her smallest movement. She was graceful, clever, beautiful, talented and loved. Everybody loved her. Everything was perfect about her, even the hair straws on her pretty head sat perfect. And she didn’t even strove. He was the opposite, everybody criticised him, said he should be more like his sister, he was the black sheep, the black sheep Tristan.
This time the whole family were over to celebrate that she won the 1st price in their city tournament again, the 9th year in a row. They ignored him, and if they finally said something to him, it was a command to get something for them. He went so mad, so angry, she got it all, he was unwanted, superfluous.
He stormed to her perfect room, took the gift she got from her swimming coach; a long hair decoration pin, it mostly looked as a knitting needle, but it was made out of silver, and with an amazing spiral on the top, with a purple gem. He took it in his hand, and in the same moment, he threw it, into her perfect oval mirror, the mirror splintered, and he could see himself, his flaming eyes in the hundred mirror splinters. His sister came in, looked at the mirror splinters and up at him. She looked so confused and deadly sick. “Why can’t you just die?!”, screamed Tristan. Tears came to her eyes, and she tried to say something, but he ran. His family’s words chased him out of the house, and down to the lake. And here he was now. The only place he was safe.

He just stood there; numb less, with his arm hanging down the sides. Looked at the dark water, felt the cold wind at his face, and enjoyed the stillness at the dark lake, in the dim glade, in the shadowy forest.
He heard a cracking noise, and turned around. He had never seen any other living creature here, never heard a bird’s warble. He went scared in a second, and his senses were sharpened. His whole body tightened, and he breathed heavily. There was nothing, not even a leaf was moving. He relaxed, skimmed the trees; nothing. Ready to turn around, to look at his lake again, a shadow ran between the trees, right in front of him. He froze, and then relaxed. It was a forest! There were animals in a forest! It actually looked like a stag. But. It looked like it had wings. He must be tired, he sighted and turned to the lake. He walked to the water, sat down, and put his hand in the dark water and splashed the water to his face. It was freezing cold; everything was crystal clear for a second. He whipped the water of his face with his sleeve, and looked at his reflection in the water. Something was wrong, he couldn’t tell what it was, but there was a glow in his eyes, a dark judging glow, that never been there before, it didn’t looked like his eyes. He threw a stone at his reflection and saw it dissolve. Suddenly he felt tired. It was probably the intense anger from earlier. He lay down under his favourite tree, and instantly fell asleep.

A new thought, he never turned it that way. Why did he hate his sister that much? What had she ever done to him, which was bad? Maybe, she was the one who had a hard time? The expectation to her was much bigger than to him, if there even were any expectations to him. His thoughts were tumbling all over each other; there was a storm in his head. A tiny memory from not long ago appeared in his mind. He had been sitting in his room, hating on his sister. He had heard his mom cry, and heard her say something about losing someone, and that the doctors couldn’t save her. Who was she talking about, he remembered thinking. He wished it was his sister who was deadly sick, and after a couple destructive thoughts about his sister, he forgot all about it. So why did the memory appear now? Hundred voiced appeared in his dream. They were judging him, for having those thoughts about his innocent sister.  He didn’t like the dream anymore. He tried to wake. But it was hard, so hard to just, open the eyes and forget all about it.

Finally he could wake. He opened his eyes, was exhausted from the dream fight. He would look around, but his eyes were locked. Locked to another couple of eyes, so he couldn’t look at the forest around him. The eyes were dark, and judging. It was the eyes he saw as his own in the lake! He would scream, but the eyes made him silent. He had never been that afraid, his eyes glowed with fear. The dark eyes began to move. And it turned out they belonged to a boy. A boy who looked like a warrior. Even though he was tiny, slight and at his own age. Finally he could take his eyes away. He felt ashamed, and didn’t know why. Suddenly the little warrior asked, with a hoarse voice: “who are you?” Tristan looked confused around. He had no idea of where he was. He forgot to answer, and the little warrior kicked him. “I’m Tristan… But… Who are you, and where am I?” answered Tristan finally with a tiny scared voice. The warrior looked at him, and hovered his eyebrow. “I’m Lawi, and you are in Umbraon”. Now Tristan looked more confused. He would ask of something, but didn’t know what, he just opened and closed his mouth. “No more small talk. There is huge crowd of Hunters a few miles away. So I don’t care about who you are, everybody runs away from the Hunters. Lawi hands his hand to Tristan and he took it. When Tristan stood up, he went dizzy, and felt how exhausted he was. “Here take this, I don’t know what’s in it, but it works”, said Lawi quietly. Tristan looked sceptically at him, but took the little bottle and drank it all. He felt the ugly tasting liquid ran down his throat, and almost exploded out in his veins and filled him with energy. Lawi looked at him, and suddenly he pulled in him, and he ran away in a hurry. Tristan felt he had to follow.

They ran through a forest, the branches flicked to their faces and they both became more and more breathless. All of a sudden Lawi stopped and Tristan nearly fell over him. Everything was quiet except their heavy breathing. Lawi looked like he was searching for something. He closed his eyes and whistled a double tone. Out of the bushes, at their left-hand side, a deer stepped out. But when Tristan looked closer, he discovered it had wings. It hit him, that it looked like the stag he saw at his lake. He took a step back, and hit a tree. His eyes widened and he would run away, but then Lawi took a step forward and touched its muzzle. “It’s a peryton, half stag and half bird. He is my, or think I would say that we have a connection” said Lawi while he stroked it down its feather coated back. Lawi looked at Tristan who looked more confused than ever. “Don’t you have perytons in your world?” he asked. “No… We have stags and birds, but not in a combination. They don’t exist in my world. But in spite of that, I think I have seen one of them” said Tristan with a thoughtful voice. Lawi looked at him and then at the peryton. It was easy to see his head was full of thoughts. “Do you know how I ended up here. In. Ehm. Umbro… Umbraon?” asked Tristan. Lawi opened his mouth to answer him, but then they heard tramping close to them. Lawi threw himself on the back of the peryton, moved it forward to Tristan and pulled him fast on its back too. “Don’t’ you dare to scream! And hold tight!” ordered Lawi. Then he whistled another double tone, and the peryton took off.


They flew up over the treetops, and even higher. Tristan clanged to Lawi, while he squeezed his eyes. “Try open your eyes!” yelled Lawi through the wind. Tristan opened his eyes slowly. He flew in the air, up in the night sky, side by side with the stars. He looked down, and he had never seen anything like that. Under them there was and great forest, that looked so luxuriant. He saw mountains out in the horizon, and a sea to the other side. The landscape was amazing, so full of energy, even though it all looked so dark and full covered in shadows. He felt free, so free. Just being. Felt the cold air on his skin, smelled the night and the nature, and felt the peryton’s muscles work underneath him, and the wind from the wing feathers. The peryton rose again, and suddenly everything was quite, and the only sound was the sound from the wind through the wings. Then Lawi began speaking in a monotone voice: “You asked me how you ended up here. And I have no idea. But the things you said about that you have seen a peryton, gives me a clue. But I tell it when we arrive.” “Arrive? Arrive where? Can you please tell me where we are going? Lawi!” yelled Tristan at last. Lawi looked back at Tristan, and Tristan could see in the look, that there was no more talk.
Tristan used the time to look and absorbed all the impression. Out in the horizon he saw a new mountain pile up; even on that distance he could see it was enormous. He felt that it was there they should end up.
They flew a while, and then suddenly something courted Tristan’s eye. He looked down at his right side, and saw the lake, HIS LAKE. He began to sit troubled, and he pointed at the lake at got couldn’t control his movements. The peryton could feel his restlessness and became indisposed, it made a nervous turn to the right, and because Tristan was too excited to remember to hold on, he got thrown off.


Tristan fell, he felt the cold wind, the power of the air, the ground coming closer, and the panic when he realised that he was falling.

He hit a high spruce, he fell through every single grabbing branch on the tree, and because of that, he hit the ground with a soft jolt. The trip down the spruce prevented him for getting smashed on the ground, but he still had got some serious bruises, and his left collarbone was broken. Tristan groaned on the ground, and tried to stand up, but he fell, and hit his head on a big rock he had been lucky to avoid first time he hit the ground, he wasn’t that lucky second time and passed out.


Tristan woke up, and had a heavy headache. He tried to stand up, but realised he was bound to at tree, sitting on his knees. Just a few meters away, there sat 8 huge men. They looked like a combination of a normal human and an ogre. They sat around a fire and were talking in deep growling voices. He looked around, they were in the middle of a forest, and he could catch a glimpse of the evening sunlight between the tree crowns. He began thinking of a way to escape, but his head hurt too much. Suddenly a smell sneaked into his nose, it was the smell of roasted chicken from the fire. Suddenly he was very hungry, and a vague thought said that last time he ate, was before he ran to the lake. The men began to eat and the biggest of them rose. He turned around and laughed when he saw Tristan was awake. He walked to him with a huge chicken leg in his hand, and stopped right in front of him. “Oh, so you are awake. You look hungry.” Said the huge ogre while he slapped Tristan in the face with the greasy chicken leg. Tell me, where is that little bastard you were flying with on that overgrown bird? And I will be nice to you and give you an advice. Don’t, lie, to, me!” he growled with eyes screwed up tightly. Tristan looked down confused and dizzy, but looked up on the ogre and answered: “I don’t know what bastard you are talking about, but I know I will not say a word to someone like you and your little scary gang!” The ogre went furious and took a hard grip around Tristan’s left shoulder and lifted him up, and screamed to his face; “your little liar!” Tristan screamed in pain, the ogre had gripped around his shoulder with the broken collarbone, and the ropes around his wrist had been stretched so much, that they cut into his flesh. The ogre threw him to the ground again, and walked grumpy back to the fire. Tristan lay groaning on the ground, and heard something whisper to his ear: “Thank you, just wait, I’m freeing you.” And then he passed out.


Tristan woke up, because he heard a branch snap behind him, he stiffened and remembered the voice from before he passed out. He looked towards the fire that only was lived coals. The ogres were sleeping, even the one they had sat up as a guard. He heard another branch break, but now it was from behind the tree the guard was sleeping against. He saw a dagger got drawn to the neck of the guard, and Tristan closed his eyes but heard the sound. He opened his eyes, and saw Lawi sitting right next to one of the sleeping ogre, with a dagger to the throat. Lawi looked at Tristan and made the cut fast. He continued with the killing of two more ogres, but then the ogre that hit Tristan with the chicken leg woke. Immediately he saw Lawi, and rushed at him with a lifted sword. With an impressive speed Lawi draw a sword hanging from his side, and parried the blow. The other three ogres woke from the sound of the swords, and got into the fight with Lawi. Lawi used the sword, as if it was a part of him, he continued parrying the hard blows. Lawi ducked elegantly, and grabbed one of the dead ogre’s swords. He turned and swung around and made a perfect cut to the ogre behind him. Now there was three left, two normal sized humans, which looked like ogres, and the big one that hit Tristan. The two normal “small” ran against Lawi from each side, but Lawi just made an elegant jump, high up in the air, made a somersault, the two ogres hid their heads together and tumbled on the ground. On the way down, Lawi hovered his two swords, and just before he landed on the ground, he trusted the swords to the backs of the two ogres. The big ogre was the only one left. Lawi looked at him with a killing look, and the ogres laughed and ran towards him. They had an intense fight, and as the ogre got more and more furious he also lost his breath. Then Lawi made another jump, over the ogre, so he stood looking to it’s back, crossed his sword looking like a x, and before the ogre could turn around he made a cut, just formed like a x. the ogre fell screaming to the ground. Lawi place the sword he borrowed from the dead ogre, in the middle of the x in the back of the ogre, and the ogre stopped screaming.


Lawi took a deep breath, and threw his sword to the ground. He looked at Tristan and said: “I said I would free you!” Then he walked behind the tree Tristan was bounded to, and cut the rope with his dagger. Tristan rubbed his sore wrists, and looked sceptically at Lawi, who was cleaning his sword and dagger. Tristan tried to stand, by he had been sitting down for to long. Lawi helped Tristan to get over to a stump of tree he could sit at. Tristan sat and tried to relax but all the experiences rushed through his mind. Meanwhile Lawi cleaned the place, he took away all the dead bodies, so the weren’t bothering their eyes. He also lighted a new fire, and found a little dead rabbit looking animal from his back and some berries. “Here. Take some of these, you must be starving.” Said Lawi while he handed him the berries. “I hope you are okay, I followed you as soon you fell of, but the you were hard to find, and it got a lot harder, when I realised the Hunters trapped you.” said Lawi with no feelings in his voices even though it was an apology. “I am fine. But can you please tell me now, what is going on, why am I here, and where are we going? I want to know!” said Tristan resignedly. “Okay, I tell my story, if you tell yours. And I will try to give you an explanation if I can.” Said Lawi. Lawi began telling his story while they ate.


“I lived with my mom, dad an two brothers. We lived happily in our village. I was “the chosen one”. There is a chosen one in every family. The chosen one is a child, who has a special gift, or said in another way, a specially developed talent. The talent can be nearly everything, for example if someone has a special talent for painting, singing, cooking, or being a warrior. The special ones work for the king and the villages in the kingdom, so everything is the optimal. But sometimes a child gets born with more than one talent. These are called Solis Ortum. These special gifted children, brings hope and light to the kingdom. I am a Solis Ortum. My talents are fighting without-and with every kind of weapon, riding even untamed animals, being fearless and playing a flute. Solis Ortums get their life planned as soon as their talents are discovered, all my talent were discovered when I was the age of 5. And when I was 11, I have had all the best teachers in the kingdom, and no one could teach me anymore. They planned that I would be the one that could safe the kingdom from the shadowiness you probably saw when we flew. They said I would be the mightiest army commander the kingdom ever have had, and that I was their hero. Everything was perfect, I had learned everything, and learned even more by myself. But the day I turned 15 they would hold a ceremony where they praise me, and sent we out on my mission on freeing the kingdom. But I had been wondering a lot. I wouldn’t let anyone decide what the meaning with my life should be, I would decide, by myself. I had another dream, and when I should hold my speech in front of the crowd, I told them that I wasn’t their hero, and I would be the master of my own life. And the pressures of the expectations were too much. My dream was being a master. I will teach children how to ride. Not just horses, but every possible animal. They shall learn how to ride and fight from one of them, so they learn about the beautifulness of another animals, and how to protect themselves and their family. It should not only be the children with the talents, but every child who wanted to, it should be their own decision. But the people didn’t like it, they cried and the whole city was in sorrow. I was upset and I ran away. I ran to the forest and lived there. I got into trouble with the Hunters. Hundred of years ago, a little group, didn’t like the way the kingdom worked with the division of talent and all that, so the ran away into the forest and started their own life, here they got children with the ogres, and that is what we today call Hunters. They hunt everything that has anything to do with the kingdom. One day I saw them torture a peryton foal. I killed them and saved the foal. The foal is the peryton we have been riding at. One day I was walking around the forest looking for some food, and then you just lay at the ground sleeping, and you know the rest of the story. If you tell your story I maybe can answer some questions.”

After Lawi had told his story they were quiet in a while and then Tristan told his story about his sister, the lake, and how he thought he saw a peryton.
“I have no idea how you ended up here. But I maybe know whom dos. I have a mission. I want to go to Diapha’s castle. She is a wise woman, as old as the kingdom and with magical powers. She is very respected and loved, but people sees her more as a myth, and don’t think she exist anymore. But I had a dream, where she said I should come to her castle, so that is what I want to do.” Said Lawi with willpower in his voice. After that the boys went to sleep, and the slept the few hours till the sun rose.

The boys woke, and as soon as they had eaten the rest of the berries, Lawi whistled after the peryton, and they took off. They flew the rest of the way to the enormous castle that turned out to contain a huge stone castle. They landed in front of the big gate, and in the second their feet touched the ground the gate opened. The boys walked into a huge hall decorated with marble, pearls, silver, gold and gems. Everything was so beautiful and elegant, and everything radiated love. In the end of the room a huge throne of glass stood, and on the throne sat the most beautiful creature they had ever seen. She was like the mist, so blurry and delicate. But her eyes were the brightest blue, she was covered in wrinkles, but she was still the most beautiful in the whole kingdom. She radiated love, wisdom and kindness. “Welcome! My guest. I have been waiting you. Lawi, we have a lot of things we have to discuss, but I have to speak with Tristan alone. So please, go to the room to the right, there you can get some food and a bath. After that, we talk.” Said Diapha with her mellow and fruity voice. Lawi looked at Tristan and gave him a nod, and then he turned and walked away.

“My dear Tristan, we don’t have much time, so you have to listen and understand. Every human in your world have an flower here in my castle, I will show you your flower and tell you an important message.” Said Diapha.  She walked down to him, and placed hear light hand on his collarbone, he would scream, but before he opened his mouth Diapha had healed it. After that, she didn’t waited a second, she walked to another room but on the left hand side, and Tristan struggled to follow the old lady. She opened a door, and they went to a huge room, filled with flowers in all colours, sizes and smells, it reminded him of a glasshouse. It felt like they walked in hours, when she came to a little round table with two flowers on. Both flowers were orchids, but very different. The one orchid was the flower with the brightest pink colour he had ever seen, but it looked dead except for the bright colours. The other orchid had dead colours, but he had never seen a flower look so healthy and strong. “These to flowers are yours and your sisters. Your flower is the one that looks healthy and strong. You are healthy and strong because you know who you are, and you have fought your whole life and you are a mental strong young man today. It has dead colours because people don’t appreciate you and notice you. But it is the reverse with your sister. Everybody notice her, and she has an amazing life on the outside. But she is close to a breakdown. The expectations is too high and she misses her brother, and fights to understand why you hate. She is broken inside, and it is the reasons why her flower looks dead, even though it has bright colours. Twins has a special attachment. When they are together they are strong and can do anything, if they are together, but if they are divided, they are missing a part of themselves, and they are not optimal. Your sister needs you, and you need her. She I sick. Close to a meltdown because of cancer, and that meltdown, will make your family collapse.” Said Diapha with a sad convincing voice. She looked straight into Tristan’s eyes and he understood he had to take a decision. “I will try, but it will be hard, but at this trip I have though some though that maybe can help me” said Tristan. “I know it will be difficult, but it will give both of you benefits” said Diapha with her voice filled with love.


After their conversation Diapha showed Tristan around and told him about other people flowers. After while, they went to the big hall again and Diapha said: “Now go to the room where Lawi is, tell him I want to speak to him. Then you can take a bath, something to eat, and get some sleep.” Tristan went to the room he saw Lawi go to, and he had never seen anything so luxuriant. Lawi stood looking at some pictures, and when he saw Tristan he understood that it was his turn. Tristan walked around in the room, so many new impressions. He walked to a long table; with the most sumptuous meal he has ever seen in his life, it tasted amazing. And after that he took a steaming hot bath, in an enormous bathtub, he couldn’t remember when he had ever been so relaxed. At last he was so tired that as soon he lay down in the soft bed, he forgot to take of the blankets, he just fell in a deep sleep.

When he woke up, there was a huge breakfast waiting, and he enjoyed every single bite before he returned to Diapha in the big hall. “God morning Tristan. We are in a hurry. I have to send you home as soon as possible. Don’t ask how, it is my little secret.” Said Diapha in a playful voice. Diapha walked behind her throne, and gave Tristan a sign to follow. They came into a little room with noting that a little lake in the middle. Tristan looked at the water. It looked exactly like the water in his lake. “I know you have been wondering about that with the peryton. I have the answer. A peryton attaches to a person in every singles world there is in this universe. You and Lawi are very lucky. Because the peryton that is attached to him is also attached to you, so you have a connection. As you maybe have notice the water in the little lake is looking like water from yours. Your lake has a connection to my lake here. And that is the way the peryton travels through the worlds, but only the perytons.” Said Diapha. Tristan looked at her, and asked: “Dos I a Lawi have a connection, to communicate together.” “I don’t know. You have to figure it out.” Said Diapha in a mystical way. Now Lawi walked into the room. He smiled. It was the first time Tristan saw him smile. “Diapha wants me to stay here. I will be her apprentice. We have a lot of things to work on with Umbraon. I hope well one day will meet again. And take care of our peryton, if you meet him someday. Take care of yourself and you sister.” Said Lawi as he smiled at Tristan and gave him an appreciative nod. Diapha looked at him, and Tristan nodded to show that he was ready to get home. Diapha touched his forehead and then he was gone.

Tristan woke up lying underneath his favourite tree by the lake. He looked around everything seemed a bit lighter. He stood up, and saw a stag starring at him on the other side of the lake. It looked like a stag with wings. He smiled, it reminded him of something, but he couldn’t remember what. Suddenly he remembered that he maybe should apologise for breaking his sister’s mirror, and for the yelling about wanting her to die, and maybe try getting a great sibling relationship. He had had a dream, a good one. He couldn’t remember it, but it had cleared his head, and he walked home, smiling the whole way.

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