The fountain of mystery

A story about Captain Davy Hacke travel to get to the fountain of mystery, but it is not that easy as he thinks


1. The fountain of mystery

The fountain of mystery

It was a nice day on the sea, the wind was good and the ships were almost flying through the water.  Captain Davy Hacke was on his way to the island Tortuga, he had to get some more information about the myth of the fountain of mystery. Davy and his crew reached Tortuga fast, but the island was different, there were many stories about things that had happened on the island, but Davy was not afraid, he had been there many times. On the island lived a witch, she could tell you about everything, but you had to pay something for the information. The witch told about the fountain for a good sack of money, she told if you got the medallion of answer, then you should drink five drops of the water from the fountain in the cup of clue, then the mystery will reveal it self, but if you drank more or less drops, the cave it was in would destroy quickly. She didn’t know what the mystery was, but she predicted it was a very valuable thing or power, that anybody wants. At last she told about the island Raguna where they could find stuff they need. They went on the long trip, but when they were close to the island, Davy saw a ship, someone was already on the island, but who thought Davy. They got to land, and into the jungle, it was filled up with trees and plants and somewhere they had to find the stuff before the others, so they could get to the fountain. After some time they found the living ship. The living ship was a ship hanging on a cliff, but if it got to much weight in one of the sides, it would fall over. Davy himself went into the ship very carefully, he could not find the package with the medallion. The ship squeaked and soared, he was not safe, and maybe just a little bit of weight would smash him. He could not find the medallion, he looked everywhere, but under the bed, there was something dusty, he found out it was the package, he opened it with enjoyment, but the package only had a rock in it, he threw it in anger, and the ship started to crash, Davy tried to run out, but it just made it worse, so he tiptoed a fast, he jumped out of the hole in the ship and the ship went down into the big black hole with a big boom. Davy thought again about who could come before them, who could know about the fountain. They walked quickly, until they came to the sea where the cup should be. It was on a little rock in the middle of the sea, Davy thought this would be an easy task. One of the crewmembers said that it would be a big task to get it, he could see the sea was filled with mermaids. Davy said they had to try, he saw there was a little boat they could use, some men went out on the sea, and they rowed slowly. They were almost beside the cliff, when one of them saw something, the mermaids had joined them one the sea. One of them stuck her head up, she was so pretty, irresistible and seductive as mermaids always was. One of the men tried to hit her, but the mermaids felt threaten and they attacked. Meanwhile Dave and two of his men where in another boat, they rowed fast out and took the cup, they lost some men, but they got the cup. Davy thought if they hide, maybe they could surprise their opponents.  After long time something happened. Davy got very surprised when he saw it was the British people, why could he not see it on the ship it was British, it was always so easy to knew if it was the British, but he knew that they should not get to the fountain first. Now they had nowhere to go, they had to fight against them if they want the medallion, and Davy knew the general had it. A crewmember shot a rock after them and revealed them, now it was a fight. They fight for a while and suddenly Davy got the medallion after he stole it from their general, he hit them together and the cave started to shake. Behind them a wall broke down and the fountain became visible. Davy and the British general fought up to the fountain, Davy dropped the cup and medallion next to the fountain, he tried to take them, but the general pushed him away and some British men attacked Davy. Davy could not just run to the general, he had to fight against the men, in the meantime the general took the medallion around his neck, took drops on his count: one, two, three, four, but a big boom came and the general looked, it was only a rock falling down, he looked on the water again and took the last drop. Davy saw him drank, and yelled at him. First nothing happened, but then the cave started to crash, Davy thought that it should not happened, but again he thought on the witch words. He yelled “THE CAVE IS BEING DESTROYED”, all the men ran out, but the general could not. When Davy came out and ran away from the fight that the pirates and the British still had, he thought of why the cave was destroyed, now he knew, it was because he saw the general looked away, and an extra drop were added to the cup, then he got six in all. Davy went back to his ship with the men who were back, but as smart as Davy always are, he always knew how to get a big adventure, he thought that the fountain of mystery was nothing, but the key of dreams was something he now could chase for him self.



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