The magic wardrobe


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The magic wardrobe




Once upon a time there was a 17 years old boy called Alex. He loved to play football. Every day after school, he played football with all his friends. Football was his life.

Alex and his family had just moved into a big old house. They usually live in the country, but now they live in the city. Alex and his father, have a deal to see Real Madrid in the television. It is a big game, Real Madrid is fated to play the quarterfinal against Borussia Dortmund. There were 3 minutes to kick-off, but Alex wants his Cristiano Ronaldo t-shirt. So he went upstairs to his new bedroom, and opened the big old wardrobe, because his mother has placed all his cloths there. He find the Real Madrid t-shirt with Cristiano Ronaldo on the back, and when he pulled it over his head, the big old wardrobe began to light up, and the next Alex could see, was a big stadium. The stadium looked well known, and it occurred to him, that it was the stadium of Real Madrid, Bernabeu. He heard a big whistle, and he got the ball. In that moment he figured out where he was, and why. The big wardrobe has turned him into Cristiano Ronaldo, and placed him in the quarterfinal against Borussia Dortmund. He tried to play as well he could, and scored the last goal. The match ended 3-0 to Real Madrid. After the match a little man came over to Alex, and told him about what just happened. The little man told Alex, that it is a funny game, but he should be careful, because if he lost the game, something terrible will happen, and before Alex looked around, he was back in his bedroom.

He runs down to his parents and told them, what just happen, but they just laugh at him, and told ham that it was a dream.

Alex got mad, and went over to his best friend Jonas. He told ham about the old wardrobe, and what was happened, when he took his Real Madrid t-shirt on, and about the little man, there told him, that it was a funny game, but he has to be careful, because it could be dangerous. They looked at each other, and decided to try it, when Bayern München had to play against Real Madrid, but this time they took a Bayern München t-shirt on because Jonas was Bayern München fan. It happened again. The big light came, and now they were in the semi-final against Real Madrid, they played and have a lot of fun, but they lost 4-0, and now the little man came again. He said to Alex and Jonas, that they had made a big mistake. They had lost the game, and now they was trapped in this game. He says that there was a way to get out, but they have to think very carefully. They said okay, and asked about what they have to do, to get out of this game. The little man said, that in the big final of Champions League, where Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid should play, they have to choose, which team they think will win the final, and also choose a player, they want to be. They looked at each other, and started to think. They agreed to choose Real Madrid, and Alex choose Cristiano Ronaldo again, and Jonas choose Gareth Bale. The little man said okay, and wishes for them.

It was now. They have to do their best to win the game, because if they lose again, they was trapped in this game, the rest of theirs life. The big whistle sounded, and the game began. They did everything to win, played the best they had learned, and they do it pretty good. Jonas scored the first goal, and cheered as he never cheered before. Atletico Madrid pushed on, and they got a goal, just before the half time. The whistle sounded, and the gsme were started again. The game was now very close, and both team, have very very big chances. There was 2 minutes back, Jonas played the ball to Alex, and Alex made at Cristiano Ronaldo chop, and shot on goal. Alex looked at the ball, it was like the clock where freezing. He heard cheers, and it occurred to him, that he has scored. Jonas came over, and was very happy, and said to Alex, that he has saved theirs life’s. The end whistle sounded, and the little man came over and said, that Alex and Jonas had won the game, and now they were at home again. Alex and Jonas decided throw out the wardrobe, to make sure that anybody got trapped in this magic wardrobe again.

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