The Bloodrose

The Bloodrose is about Emilia rescueing her family from the demons.


1. The Bloodrose

The Bloodrose 

This morning Emilia woke up the same way as usual. Brushing her teeth, putting on her school uniform, eating breakfast with the other children and as usual running out the doorway too late, telling herself: “tomorrow, yes tomorrow, I will get up earlier”. Emilia has had a normal life; a busy father, a loving mother, an annoying brother. One day everything changed. They were driving at this not busy road but something hit the car and they crashed. The police never found out what it was but it seemed to be some sort of animal that they had crashed into. After the car accident, where she lost her parents and her baby brother, she hadn’t been able to remember anything before the car accident. It was as if her memory had been erased. The doctors told her that it was rare that a person could lose their memory, but it could happen. One day an unfamiliar woman came and picked her up. She was told that it was her aunt and she believed them. The aunt raised her like her own daughter and Emilia was happy again. Memories of her family had started showing up but it was only their faces that she could remember. After having accepted that she would never be able to remember her family or see them again, she decided to live life as a normal teenager. One day this man named Stefan showed up at their doorstep and the next morning her aunt was gone. Her whole life was turned upside down again. She did not have anyone to take care of her so the neighbour called the police and she was forced to go to the orphanage. 

At the orphanage, she lived together this other orphaned children. Exactly one year after she lost her parents and brother, she felt depressed. “Are you alright?” asked her best friend Ann. Emilia didn’t answer immediately because she wasn’t all right not even close. “Yes, I’m fine” and they went into the classroom. Next class Emilia told her teacher that she was not feeling well and she was allowed to leave the class. On her way out, she noticed something strange hanging on her locker. A note. Emilia looked suspicious on the note and read: 

“I know who you are. You’re not Emilia Danielson you’re Emilia Bethany Ingrid Jackson and you are the only one left in our family to save the world from the demons. The demons are your family’s enemies. They tried to exterminate your entire family and their mission was completed if it hadn’t been for your necklace that your mother gave you. The necklace is very special, you can never, and I repeat never take it off. It protects you from the demons so they cannot find you. You are in danger because today is exactly one year since the accident and the rose that makes the demons human and weak is day after day withering because it has not been watered with blood from a Jackson. It was your mother’s job to water the rose once a year so it did not die but now you’re the only one left to water the rose. The rose is dying and the demons are getting stronger. Within a week, they will be transformed into real demons and take over the Earth. You have to go to your old house where you lived with your parents and brother. The demons have trapped your whole family there and the only way to get them back is to water the rose so the demons become so weak that you can release your family.  
Yours sincerely Stefan”

Emilia did not know what to do. She did not know if this was a prank or if Stefan was looking for her. Her aunt had told her that she was not allowed to take the necklace of, but that the necklace protected her from the demons and that her family was trapped could only be a joke. Emilia really missed a family and someone who loved her but she could not remember anything that happened before the accident and now she knew that it was not even an accident. It was the demons fault that she had been so alone and suffering from the loss of her family. She could not even remember where they lived. She ran back at the orphanage and she found someone lying on her bed. Stefan? No, this couldn’t be true. She gave him the note and he told her that his father was her father’s brother and that his mother wasn’t a Jackson. Then the demons took his family away they killed his mother and erased his memories because he was only a half-blood-Jackson. Stefan told that he had tried to water the rose but it didn’t work because he wasn’t a true Jackson. Stefan said:” I will help you find the rose so we can get our family back.”  

Stefan and Emilia travelled the next days in his car and only stopped for gas and to eat.  Then they came to Emilia’s birthplace and Emilia went straight out of the car and almost ran over to the door but Stefan stopped her. “You’re not going in there today. The demons are very strong and they are protecting the rose so it can die so they can become real demons again. We have to go in the house tomorrow and I’ll distract the demons so you can water the rose with your blood,” said Stefan. Emilia agreed and the next day they were ready.  Unfortunately for Emilia and Stefan, they hadn’t noticed that seven days had passed since they left the orphanage and when they crawled over the fence, the demons were standing there ready to attack. Emilia thought that the demons looked like a cockroach and a bear mixed. It was the ugliest animal Emilia had even seen. Suddenly she could remember the car crash. It was a demon a big, ugly and nasty demon that had attacked them. “Run into the house I will cover your back,” said Stefan and Emilia ran into the house. Outside she could see Stefan fighting with the demons and in her opinion, he was pretty good. He had already killed three out of five demons but suddenly while Stefan was fighting with the fourth demon, the fifth came up behind him and shot him. She heard Stefan scream and afterward she couldn’t hear a sound. Emilia was angry and felt like Stefan had died for no reason. He was her saviour. He saved her life, for now. She had to find the Bloodrose and release her family, so Stefan’s death wasn’t fruitless. After seeing so many thriller movies Emilia knew where to look after the rose: in the basement, and there she went. The basement stank like death and mould. It was cold, humid, and very creepy. She walked down the hall. Even though this had been her old house she couldn’t remember anything but suddenly she saw a gold door with a doorknob shaped like a rose and in that moment she knew that in here, she could find the rose. She opened the door and she found the Bloodrose. It wasn’t red anymore but completely withered and white. She ran over to the rose, cut with a knife a long transversal cut on her palm, and squeezed the blood out and on the rose. She could suddenly hear the demons coming down the stairs and she squeezed her hand harder together so the blood steamed out. She could see the doorknob moving but at that moment the door opened, the rose came to life again and the demons fell down on the floor. Suddenly she could remember again. Everything was clear to her. Her mother, her father and her brother, all of them. She could remember them all and all her memories. She looked confused because her family hadn’t disappeared but suddenly a huge gate appeared and out of it, was her family walking. Finally, she wasn’t alone. She could remember and she had her family back.     

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