Ugandalf the all mighty

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
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Ugandalf is mighty wizard, who is sent out to save the kings brother.


1. Ugandalf the all mighty

Ugandalf the all mighty

Once upon a time many, many years ago, was there a beautiful, peaceful and lively kingdom called Lightash. The very good-hearted king Taiessas ruled Lightash. Everybody in the kingdom loved and worshipped the king. The only problem that Lightash had was the dark part of the kingdom. The dark part of the kingdom filled nearly over half of the whole country, and as good as the people was in the light part of Lightash, as evil and cruel was the people living there. The good-hearted king tried for many years to take over the dark site of the kingdom, but it did not matter, because even when they won a battle, the sun would still not shine at the dark site. Taiessas began to be more careful, after he got his two twin boys with his beautiful wife. He decided to build a big great wall, so no one from the dark site could come, and hurt his two little boys. The two boys Elddelvor and Weillelm were very different from each other, Elddelvor had blond hair and was just as good-hearted as his father, but Weillelm had black hair, and he was not as good hearted as his father, and was not as kind as his twin brother. When the brothers became 6-years old, something terrible happened. The people from the dark site had climbed up over the wall, and were now trying to attack the castle. They killed the king in the battle, and then they kidnaped Weillelm. It took many years to rebuild the castle. Elddelvor was crowned king when he turned 18. There did not go a day by, where he did not think of his kidnaped brother. Elddelvor made sure that no more of the people from the dark part would come back, by putting twice as many guards at the big wall.

 Not fare from the castle a big wizard was born. His name was Ugandalf, and he had trained his whole life to be the best sword fighter, and to be the biggest and greatest wizard, the world had ever seen. When Ugandalf was 21, he rode to the big castle, where he asked if he could talk to king Elddelvor. Elddelvor asked who the wizard was and what he wanted. Ugandalf then said that his name was Ugandalf, and he was a big and powerful wizard, that had trained his whole life, to be able to remove the dark from the dark site. Elddelvor then told the big wizard, that if he succeeded bringing peace and rescuing his twin brother, would he reward him with as much gold that Ugandalf wanted. He would not waste any second, so that same day did Ugandalf start his journey. It took the whole day and the whole night, to get to the big wall. One of the guards came to him, and asked what he was doing at the wall. Ugandalf then said that the king had sent him, to rescue the king’s brother, and bring peace to the dark site of Lightash. Ugandalf then asked for some food and shelter so he could recover, before going to the other site, and continuing the long, and dangerous journey he had started. Ugandalf then traveled through the gate into the dark part of Lightash. He walked for 2 days, and saw nothing, but at day 3, suddenly a group of the dark people came. Ugandalf asked immediately where they kept the other king, but the dark people refused to answer the question. They tried to make Ugandalf surrender, but it did not work. Ugandalf now attacked, after only 8 seconds they was all defeated. Only one survived. It did not take long for Ugandalf to get what he wanted. The castle where they kept Weillelm was only a week’s travel away. The dark people called their leader The Dark Master. At the castle were Ugandalf met by nearly a 100 men. Ugandalf did not care about the number of men he was fighting. Ugandalf and The Dark Masters guards fought for two days, but finally Ugandalf won. Ugandalf was very surprised when he came to The Dark Masters camber. On the throne sad, the kings twin brother Weillelm. Ugandalf now had to kill Weillelm, but Weillelm surprised Ugandalf, he was very strong. It took some time, but when Weillelm finally was defeated Ugandalf did not kill him, he drew the evil out of Weillelm. Weillelm could not remember anything, and after Ugandalf then forced the evil and darkness out of Lightash. The two then walked home to king Elddelvor. King Elddelvor was so happy to see his brother. The Two brothers decided to divide Lighash up in to parts, so both of them could rule a kingdom. Ugandalf refused to take any money from the king, and took home. Everyone lived happily ever after.

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