Sam and the Clan

English assignment in 2nd year of High School


1. Sam and The Clan

Fantasy story - English            Jonas Svane Klausen         Nyborg Gymnasium - 04/05.2014

Sam and the clan

The rain is tapping on the window. The wind is tearing in the shutters and the “Orphanage” sign is swinging back and forth. Sam’s silhouette is frequently and briefly projected up at the bear and cracked sheet wall, when a lightning travels across the dark sky. The rain is pouring down the window, in the same manner as Sam’s tears are running down his cheeks, only to fall from his chin onto the windowsill, and blend in with the small puddles of rain that has sneaked through the small cracks in the window. On Sam’s chin, a dark-red fresh cut is present diagonally across it. There are identical cuts and scars on his nose, right eyebrow and left ear, only varying in length and depth, almost as if they were made with the same knife. Sam touches the fresh cut on his chin, and can still hear the laughs and insults inside his head. “Something is wrong in this place. I’ve got to get away from here.” He whispers, right before he lies down in his bed and falls asleep.

The following morning he wakes up by the sound of the food-gong and the yelling of the middle-aged maids. He gets up and looks himself in the mirror. There he sees a 17-year old teenager with long brown hair and cuts and scars all over his face. He quickly pulls on a pair of ragged old sweatpants and a tank top that hasn’t been washed in a couple of days before he heads out for breakfast.

Sam takes the breakfast back to his room as he prefers to be by himself. After only a few mouthfuls, he notices, out of the corner of his eye, a dark silhouette moving. He stops chewing. He slowly turns his head. There it was! He swings his plate full-force through the air, with food flying everywhere, and only misses the target with a few inches. The floor squeaked behind him. Again, he swings the plate through the air, but this time it hits something hard, and it smashes between his fingers. He had smashed the plate on his coat hanger and his target was now sitting in his bed, laughing. “Nice try Sam. Not many can kill their own coat with a plate you know” said a voice so cold it makes the chills run down Sam’s spine like icicles. Sam turns around and his stomach turns as he sees who is sitting on his bed. It is the man who is responsible for all Sam’s scars and cuts. It is him who has made Sam’s life living hell since he was born. His name is Valdis. He is a skinny and pale man with no eyebrows or hair. He has a thin and sharp nose and long thin fingers. He was born with both irises black, and his eyes are always bloodshot. “What do you want Valdis?” Sam asks. “I still want what your dad left behind Sam. We both know you have it” he says, but Sam insists he doesn’t know what Valdis is talking about. Valdis is clearly annoyed; he thinks Sam is hiding it. Sam sees a flash before his eyes and a breeze of wind. He jumps to the side to dodge the attack, but it’s too late, he can already feel the warm blood running down his right cheek from the fresh cut and as he turns around to swing a fist at Valdis, he has disappeared.

Valdis has been making Sam’s life living hell for as long as Sam can remember. Valdis keeps asking Sam to give him something Sam’s dad has left him, but Sam’s dad never left anything for Sam. In fact, none of his parents left him anything. Not even a name on one of them. All Sam can remember is the orphanage. It’s everything he’s ever had and the only place he’s ever lived. He never talks to anyone and he hasn’t ever had any family visiting him.

The following morning he sleeps past breakfast because he had been up late, thinking about what it is, that Valdis keeps asking for. It annoys him, because he has a feeling that Valdis knows what it is, but just doesn’t want to tell Sam about it.

Sam is really hungry because he accidentally missed breakfast, so he decides to sneak out into the kitchen. He peeks out of the keyhole in his door and listens carefully for any voices or footsteps. He opens the door very gently and looks down the hallways. All the other kids is probably in their rooms and the caretakers are probably either out smoking or upstairs drinking coffee and booze. He leaves his room and locks the door silently behind him. Then he sneaks out of the hallway and to the right, while slowly rolling from his heels to the balls of the feet as he walks, to make as little noise as possible. Finally he reaches the door where big white letters say “KITCHEN - STAY AWAY”. He puts his ear on the door and listens for people. His heart is pounding so it’s hard to hear anything else but it doesn’t seem like there are anyone in there. He slowly pushes the door open. Inside the kitchen he sees the large and almost-as-tall-as-a-man pot that is filled with the cooked oats they eat every morning. He peeks inside and only 1/4th of it has been taken. The rest is probably being reheated tomorrow. On the other side of the kitchen he spots a table filled with some other food. A closer look reveals that it is the caretakers’ food. On this table there are several plates that has been piled up with sausages, scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and bread rolls. Sam doesn’t hesitate and he quickly grabs an entire plate of sausages and grabs a stack of pancakes that he throws on top. After this he rushes out so fast he accidentally drops a sausage on the floor. He turns around to pick it back up, but then he hears some faint voices and adult laughter. They’re coming. He decides there isn’t time to pick up the sausage as he dropped it far back in the kitchen and therefore he hurries back to his room while only making a little bit more noise than before.

He finishes the entire plate and not a single bite is left. He counted the food as he was eating it and he ended up counting 12 sausages and 6 pancakes. He is stuffed and a bit drowsy from all the food. He decides to take nap, but he has only put his head on the pillow when he hears 3 loud knocks on his door. Before he even answered the knocks, an enormous mountain of a man almost rips the door of the hinges and steps in. He looks at Sam with not even a hint of emotion in his eyes at all and says “Sam” with his earthshakingly deep voice. Sam panics. If they found out that he had stolen food from the kitchen he was facing 3 weeks of grounding in the basement. He can feel his heart pounding away and he can almost already smell the basements damp and moldy smell. ‘’You have a visitor’’ says the mountain. Sam takes a breath of relief, but his heart didn’t stop pounding. In fact, it almost pounds even faster now, because Sam had never ever had a visitor as he has no family and no friends. The mountain leaves the room and instead a rather short, but wide man steps inside. He is wearing a black beret and a long leather jacket that is covered in rain.  He closes the door behind him and locks it from the inside and then hangs up his coat as well as beret on Sam’s coat hanger. He has long dark-blonde hair that sweeps down in front of his right eye and only barely covers a scar that’s almost similar to Sam’s. He looks at Sam with curious but incredibly calm deep-blue eyes. Sam isn’t worried any more. There is something about this man that is affecting the energy in the whole room and it is even like the air in Sam’s room is relaxed. He reaches out his hand and says with a deep and calm voice “Hello Sam. My name is Dean. I am your dad’s brother, and your uncle”. Sam grabs it firmly and remains silent. After a while, Sam says “You seem convincing, but how do I know that your really are my dad’s brother?” Dean chuckles a bit and says, “You really are his son aren’t you?” while smiling to Sam. He sweeps aside his hair and reveals the scar it was hiding. Then he says “This. This scar is identical to the one you have across your own right eyebrow. This is the mark of the clan to which you belong. Your dad has one of these as well. They are given to us at birth to make us recognizable between regular people”. “You’re lying” Sam says. “That scar, as well as the other ones, were given to me by a guy named Valdis”. Dean claims that it’s not, “That is easy to believe as that is the only memory and reality you have Sam, but hasn’t it bothered you that that exact scar is the only one which you origin you do not remember? I assume you remember each and every cause of each of the other scars”. Sam nods. After a while, Sam notices how similar they look. Dean has the exact same facial features as Sam, so maybe this is not just a coincidence. Maybe Dean is actually his uncle! Sam chooses to believe him for now and says, “I trust you but I have a lot of questions. First of all, what brings you here?”

After a long talk where years of misinformation and misleading have been corrected, and the true story of Sam and his past has been told, everything is now clear for Sam. He now understands what Valdis wants, why he is in this lousy orphanage and why his parents haven’t kept him. Dean told him that Valdis does want something his father gave him, but his father didn’t actually give it to him, Sam has inherited it. Sam had always thought that it was an object Valdis wants, but it is actually some special powers that is being practiced within the clan and that only the clan knows how to do. Sam hasn’t yet discovered his powers but Valdis has always believed that Sam could give them to him or teach him their secrets, this is completely wrong though. It can’t be given, taken or taught to people who don’t already have the powers. Dean promises Sam that he will find their clans citadel when the time is right, when he has left the orphanage and understood his powers. Sam’s only task is now to do just this. Before Dean leaves, Sam asks “but how am I supposed to teach myself about powers I do not understand or know that I have?” and dean just answers “you’ll find it as soon as you start searching for it and trust me, you will find out how it works soon enough”. Then he leaves the room and Sam is now alone with his own thoughts – and there are plenty of them.

Already the morning after the meeting with his uncle, Sam discovers his hidden powers. He has just picked up a bowl of cooked oats and sits down at a table in the corner of the large dining hall. When he has sat down, he reaches out to get his spoon, but accidentally pushes it so it falls to floor. He sighs heavily, but only thought about picking up the spoon, when it came flying directly up into his hand! He got so surprised that he dropped the spoon again. This time, when picking it up, there is no effect though, and he has to pick it up manually.

At dinnertime the same day, Sam brings the food to his room as usual because he wants to see if he can figure out something more about his powers. When he was halfway through his food, he had thrown it on the walls and dropped the cutlery several times on purpose but nothing spectacular had happened, except from getting some more interesting colors on the wall. Suddenly he hears some clothes flicker behind him and grabs the knife firmly in his right hand. He only just manages to turn around before it was slammed out of his hand and something hard almost knocks him unconscious. Through the pain and confusion from the hit he can see that it’s Valdis again. His eyes are even more bloodshot than they usually are and he looks incredibly angry. Valdis pulls Sam up from the floor and slams him against the wall while holding a knife to his throat. “I know you talked to your uncle, Sam. I heard it all. If what he said is true, you are of no use to me anymore. I can end your miserable life right now Sam, and I will, if you do not have anything to add to your little family reunion that I might’ve missed”. Sam has finally discovered that his family is alive and well, and he actually might have a future with them. It is his only chance to get away from this lousy orphanage. It cannot end here. He will not allow it. Sam grabs Valdis’ arm with his hand and all of a sudden he can feel his hand is getting very warm, and it has started to glow. Valdis skin starts smoking and the knife in his hand is now white-hot and fizzling. Valdis screams and drops the knife that immediately starts burning through the carpet. Sam sees his opportunity and swings a punch towards Valdis’ abdomen, but before it even hits him, Valdis is thrown through the air and into a wall. The wall can’t withstand the tremendous force with which Valdis has been thrown, so it breaks and Valdis goes right through it and lands in the room on the other side. Through the dust from the broken wall, Sam can see that Valdis is definitely not moving, and probably won’t move again ever. Just when Sam realizes what has happened, he gets knocked unconscious from behind.

Sam wakes up in a damp and cold place on a hard floor. He knows this place. It’s the basement. ‘’So you’re awake’’ says a voice that sounds like one of the caretakers from the orphanage. ‘’We’ve called the police Sam. You killed that guy and you are being charged with murder.  Hah - you are going to prison Sam’’ says the caretaker with a weird satisfaction in his voice. Then he left the basement and locked the door after him.

Sam decides that he can’t let this stop him either. He just can’t. Not when he knows that his family really is alive. Sam stands up and grabs the bars that are keeping him from escaping the cell. He tries to focus his energy into the bars and tries to bend them. Nothing happens. He cannot bend the bars. He gives it another try and thinks about what is awaiting him when he escapes. Suddenly the bars disappeared between his fingers. He looks down and finds out that they have smelted! They smelted between his fingers! He steps outside his cell and heads toward the locked door. Somehow he already knows what to do with the door. He focuses his energy and sweeps his hand over the lock. It gives a *click* and the door is open! He charges full speed through the orphanage and through the locked front door. He looks back and the door is still locked and intact as if nothing happened to it. He can’t help but to smile from feeling that his powers are limitless. He looked across the horizon. It’s night and he can’t really make out much of his surroundings, apart from the silhouettes of objects and trees that are standing in the moonlight. As he looks around and tries to create an overview, he is struck by a warm feeling in his gut, as he looks towards the moon. ‘’It must mean that I have to go this way’’ Sam says to himself, so he starts running.

He had been running for days and days without feeling exhausted or hungry at all and just kept following the warm feeling in his stomach. He finally stops, just to see where his feeling had gotten him, but he couldn’t quite make out a specific area so he just stands there for a moment. He notices how he feels incredibly light all of a sudden. Like if he can jump a thousand miles into the sky or jump around on his tongue. He looks down and is taken aback. The ground is disappearing beneath his feet. He is now around 30 feet above the ground and tries to focus his energy towards not flying upwards, and somehow it works. Now he is just hanging there. He leans a bit forward and starts flying forward! He leans even more forward and kicks his legs backwards and then starts flying really fast. He discovers that this is way faster than running and way more fun, so he decides to do this instead.

After flying for 3 more days the feeling in his stomach suddenly disappears completely. He stops flying. ‘‘That’s weird’’ he thinks. He looks down and beneath him he sees an enormous citadel surrounded by acres and acres of frothing grass and enormous beech trees. He says ‘‘this must be the place! I just know it!’’

He lands in front of the big citadel and knocks on the large front doors. Not long after the door opens, and Sam sees that it is Dean who has opened the door and he is smiling all over his face. Behind him is standing what looks like an entire family and Sam figures this must be the clan. Dean lays an arm around Sam’s shoulders and led him inside the citadel.

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