The Shield And Spear Of Athena

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
A "Percy Jackson"-like story.


2. The truth

As Alexis and Lara gets out of school they avoid the parking lot, to get away without Alexis’ mother finding out. They’re walking down the street, but there’s something weird about the place and atmosphere. There was no one out on the street, which was pretty unusual, especially considering they lived in London, a place were you usually run into people around every corner, even in the suburbs, but not today. Were there something they had missed? Suddenly some noise caught Alexis’, who were deeply buried in her mind, attention. Alexis looks after Lara who, with no attention of Alexis, that has stopped up, continued walking. So Alexis follows the noise and comes to stand in an alleyway. She then looked after the place from where the noise came from. She kept looking but couldn’t find anything, until she stumbled upon a kind of magical portal that showed up in the middle of nowhere. In both anxiety and wonder she decides to go through the portal, to see where it led.

   The portal disappeared, as Alexis came through it to the other side. To her surprise someone were waiting for her on the other side of the portal. But that wasn’t the surprise, the surprise were, that the someone, who was waiting for her, was a centaur. For a second she thought she was dreaming, until the centaur introduced it self. Its name was Polesia. The centaur was a girl. The first thing that Alexis could get out was “where am I?” to which Polesia answered “your in Athens”. Alexis starts to freak out, what did Polesia mean with Athens? She then in anxiety asked, “What do you mean with Athens. Like Athens in Greece? How in the world did I end up here and why?”. “Yes. You’re in Athens, in Greece. The gods of the Olympus ordered me to get you through the portal and tell you, that you have to find the spear and shield of Athena.” Polesia said. “Wait. What do you mean with the gods of Olympus? They really exist, and if so, then why are they asking me to find it?” Alexis answered. To that Polesia said, “Yes they do and I almost forgot. Now you’re saying it, Athena and the gods themselves wanted me to tell you, that you’re the daughter of Athena.” Alexis was confused about it all, and to take it all in at once didn’t make it easier. How could she be the daughter of Athena? Her mother was a normal human with a normal job, like any other normal human. Alexis then asked Polesia how she could be the daughter of a goddess of the Olympus, when her mother was a normal human, who’s been there her whole life, to which Polesia answered, “your mother, the human, was sent to protect you from the danger of the world, by your real mother Athena.”

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