Rings and transformations

I am not the ordinary teenager girl, even though I like the same things and probably act the same way too. One day me and my two best friends, Kat and Matty, have to go on a journey to save the world from the evil.

Read the story to find out more about me, my friends and our journey.


9. The battle

As we got closer and closer to the church it changed, I wasn’t any longer an old ugly church, now I was almost a castle “WOW”, I said. “I know right!” whined Kat. Ryan, Kat, Matty and I were all headed to this specific church to get help, seeing as Drake and Carlos had been calling out vampires and all the other creatures that want to do nothing but to hurt all the human beings and us. Drake wasn’t going to stop before he had taken control of the whole world, but we weren’t letting him do that. And that’s why we are here – in the church – to get all the help we could get. “Thanks for coming everyone” and by everyone I mean five wizards. Most were afraid of Drake so they didn’t show up. And those five who came, aren’t very helpful. Ryan told them the plan.

“Uhm guys” Matty said in a whisper, I was the only one who reacted to it so he tried again a little louder “GUYS!” he yelled, Ryan and Kat turned to look at him, as did I. “I had a sight. Carlos is looking like Beau and Drake had kidnapped the four of the Janoskians, only Beau escaped. They are heading here!” My heart sunk and I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid. Only twenty minutes later Drake and Carlos came, Carlos disguised as Beau, just as Matty predicted. “MUWAHAHAHAH” came it from Drake. I hated his evil laughter and I couldn’t stand him. Behind Drake and Carlos came a whole army of vampires. Carlos came up to me and said: “I’m good at this, aren’t I” I backed away as he got closer to me. “I hate you Carlos! Don’t touch me!” I hissed at him as my back hit the wall. Carlos obviously didn’t care about what I said as he pulled me by the collar of my shirt and hit my jaw. It stung a lot, Matty came rushing over to me and tried to hit Carlos, but he changed into a wolf and jumped on Matty. “STOOOOOP!” I yelled, Carlos quickly looked op, but soon enough he went back to hitting Matty and trying to bite him. I saw that Drake had Jai, Daniel, James and Luke by his side as I ran over to him to stop him from doing any further harm. “Boys are you okay?” I asked out of breath “yeah he is just keeping us at hostages to make you come with him and turn over to the dark side, because he knows that you are very powerful. I don’t know whatever he means by that”, Jai said. “Does Beau know where we are?” I had to ask, Beau and I had grown so close in such a short time. “Yeah he knows, and he is on his way here to save us – and you” Jai answered. My heart fluttered just hearing that Beau is coming here to try to save us all, but I knew that he didn’t have a chance. I was a matter of minutes before Beau got here and all the vampires hurried his way to keep him out. I was scared that something happened to him. Kat was in a fight with Carlos as was Ryan. Matty fist fought some of the vampires, but he ended up being hurt. I was so scared, Beau called my name. I was so angry with Drake for kidnapping Kats and my mom and for kidnapping four out of five of the Janoskians.

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