Rings and transformations

I am not the ordinary teenager girl, even though I like the same things and probably act the same way too. One day me and my two best friends, Kat and Matty, have to go on a journey to save the world from the evil.

Read the story to find out more about me, my friends and our journey.


11. Meeting the family

I raised my hand; my ring lightening like crazy and I said a spell and held my hand towards Drake. Drake threw a spell too. Two lights against each other a blue one and a red one. I could feel myself getting stronger minute after minute. My blue light went closer to Drake as he got weaker. “WHERE. IS. MY. MOM” I yelled after him. “I WILL NEVER TELL YOU!” he yelled back. “SOPH! I CAN SEE THEM! I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!” it came from Matty. I threw one last spell. It was a spell I have read about in school, it was the most powerful spell, and only the greatest wizards of all time could use it; all other wizards couldn’t make it work. As I started to say it, Drake yelled “NOOOO! NOT THAT SPELL.” As he continued his voice softened “I beg you sweetheart, you cant do that to your own dad.” I was gob smacked, what did he just say. “I am NOT your daughter.” I told him, I didn’t believe him. He only did that so he could avoid the spell I was about to throw. “You are, believe me”, he said. “I don’t believe you.” I said. I looked over at Beau, Jai, Luke, James and Daniel to see them watching the scenario in front of them with wide eyes. I also looked over at Ryan and Carlos who nodded their heads “Do it, use the spell. He is only bullshitting. Don’t believe him”, said Ryan. Carlos added “He kidnapped your moms so he could get you and turn you on the dark side, because he knew how powerful you would become. I have known his plans since the beginning. Trust me.” Seconds later I raised my hand and said the spell. Drake turned into dust and just laid on the floor. Kat conjured a broom and a dustpan and started to clean Drakes dust away. I ran over to Beau and gave him a hug. “Wow”, was all he could say. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner about my powers, you must think that I am a monster.” I said to him, as tears started to swell up my eyes. “You’re not a monster. I love you. You may be a wizard and a transformer, but you’re mine. I’m proud of you”, he told me. I was so happy that I kissed him on the lips. I ran over and hugged the other members of the Janoskians and afterwards I hugged Kat and Matty – and I couldn’t miss hugging my newfound brothers. “Lets go find our moms”, I said to all of them. “Matty you know where they are, lead us to them” I told him. We headed out of the church Beau and I hand in hand, Ryan and Kat also holding hands. Jai, Daniel, Luke, James, Matty and Carlos played around while we went to find my mom.


We entered the home back in Holmes Chapel and went down to the basement. Right there in front of us were our moms tied up on chairs with duck tape over their mouths. Kat and I ran towards them and released them. “I’m so glad we found you!” I chirped. We all hugged and I introduced mom to the Janoskians. “Hi Mrs. Noells I’m Beau” Beau said, “nice to meet you. You have a very beautiful daughter”, he told her. I grinned as he kissed me on the cheek. “Is he your boyfriend” mom whispered in my ear I laughed and nodded. Mom pulled Beau into a tight hug as to say welcome to the family. Ryan went over to my mom “Nice to finally meet you Mrs. Noells. I’m the one who has been protecting Sophia since she was born.” He told her, “Uhm, why are you calling her Mrs. Noells, she is my mother so she is also your mother.” I said confused. “Sophia darling, I’ve wanted to tell you this, but I’m your adoptive mother, I adopted you when you were only a week old. Your mom knew you would turn into the greatest wizard, and she knew that Drake would be in the heels of you if she kept you.” she explained; “your mom and I are were close friends”, she continued. I started to cry, I was not mad at her for not telling me, it was just so much to take in. We talked for hours, me, mom, Kat’s mom, the Janoskians, Kat, Carlos, Matty and Ryan.

Without Drake it all was safe, Ryan called our real mother. She came quickly and we told her that Carlos turned over to the good side. I spend hours talking to my biological mom, I was so happy to meet her, and she explained so much to me about my powers and how she had missed me through all these years. I could truly say that I was happy, I had all I loved around me: Beau, mom, my biological mom, Ryan, Carlos, Kat, Matty, Jai, Luke, James, Daniel and Kat’s mom. 

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