Rings and transformations

I am not the ordinary teenager girl, even though I like the same things and probably act the same way too. One day me and my two best friends, Kat and Matty, have to go on a journey to save the world from the evil.

Read the story to find out more about me, my friends and our journey.


6. Drake

“Am I the only one who thinks that it is strange and weird that this Ryan guy has known you since you were born?” Matty asked; I shook my head. “C’mon lets go find Drake and find our moms”, said Kat. We then ran in the direction Ryan had told us, but when we came to the alley we couldn’t go to the right, nothing was there; only brick walls. “What do we do now?” I asked. “We simply use our rings and go through the wall.” Kat said. Matty widened his eyes “ARE YOU CRAZY GIRL?” Matty yelled at Kat. I took my hand in his and made a spell I learned only two weeks ago, so we all could go through the wall without any problems. On the other side of the brick wall there was another alley: it was decorated with sculls. A boy came out of a house, which was attached to the alley. “What are you punks doing here?” he grumbled. He came closer to us and soon we were being pressed against the wall. “We are here to find Drake.” I said as calmly as I could. “GET OUT OF HERE, IT IS PRIVATE GROUND!” he shouted - I flinched at his rudeness. “Wait a second” he said softening a little bit as he studied us closely “how did you get in here? There is no door.” He continued. “Uhm” I didn’t know how to answer this, what if he was a human without powers. “I could ask you the same” I shot back at him. “Are you three humans or are you just disguised as humans?” he said to us. I glanced over at Matty and gave him a look as to tell him that he should just go with the flow. I then exchanged looks with Kat, as if to see if she was in on my plan, she slowly nodded. On the count of three I took Matty’s hand and all three of us got invisible. I could see the man look confused but before we could even blink with our eyes he called out “WE HAVE COMPANY” and seconds later more people came out. Matty stumbled over some buckets, and soon everyone looked in our direction. “They’re over here” another man whispered. “Step aside!” demanded the man we first met. Before we could think, he threw some blue powder on us. We couldn’t do anything but cough. “HAHAHAH” sounded an evil laugher from a little too familiar voice. “Look who it is. Aw isn’t it cute, they thought they could come here to get their mothers. HAHAHAH” It was Drake, I cringed my nose. “WHERE ARE THEY?” Kat yelled after him. “SHUSH!” Drake yelled back. “Do you really think I’m that stupid, just to let you know where they are? HA!” he continued in a little softer voice. “What do you want?” I asked. “You” Drake said simply. “NEVER!” yelled Matty at the top of his lungs. Matty was like a brother to me, he has always been protective of me. “What are you going to do about it?” Drake asked. Matty didn’t know what to answer, so he just stood in front of me to be my shield. “Matty,” I started “ you can’t win over him. He is very powerful.” I whispered in his ear. “I don’t care, I wont lose you. You are like a little sister to me. I’ll do anything to protect you”, he told me. Even though it touched me, I couldn’t help but be a little scared for him. “Go away pretty boy” Drake said while he shoved Matty to the side. “DON’T TOUCH HIM!” I cried out. I could feel the anger build up inside of me. Drake came closer to me and was about to grab me by the collar of my shirt, when a voice stopped him: “Don’t touch her Drake,” the voice said calmly – it was a boy he looked a little older than me. “Don’t worry Soph, I am here to protect you”, he said. Seconds later he turned into a Tigon and began to fight Drake and all the others. I was surprised by what I was witnessing. I now knew who it was – it was Ryan, he came to rescue me – well us. “Lets go before they wake up” he told us, and together all four of us went to Ryan’s house.

“Nice place you have here” Matty told him, “Thanks man. I appreciate it” Ryan said to Matty. It seemed like they were getting along very well. “To the right is where you two girls can sleep” Ryan told us while he opened the door to the bedroom. “Thank you Ryan, it’s very nice of you to let us stay.” I told him. Kat and I sat in our room talking while the boys were in the living room playing FIFA’14.

“He’s cute, Ryan” Kat said to me. I chuckled “Yeah he is” I said back to her. We continued our small talk for a while, before we went to sleep. Today had been a long and stressful day.

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