Zoe Bird is going to be a chemistry major at Oxford University, she considers herself to be a professional matchmaker. But when it comes to her own relationship, will she know how to play it?


10. Chapter 9- Trip To 305

"Campus Police! Open the door!" Someone shouted through the door, I ran towards it and opened it immediately.

"We are looking for some very serious evidence from our last evidence in this room and 306. You lot will have to go to 305." The police man told us as we went to and get our suitecases. He stopped us,

"We will also have to search your suitecases." He stated, all our stuff was in there, how long would we have to stay in 305. I think the girls remembered that 305, was indeed a boys dorm room. None of us told them and we walked out smirking at each other. I saw Beth going into 304, I waved at her but she was to into her conversation. Rachel knocked on the door and a boy opened the door. He wolf whistled at Rachel and asked what we wanted,

"The police are checking out our rooms, we have to stay here until further notice." She tried to say it quickly, so the police wouldn't stop us from staying there. He opened the door further so we could walk in. They were playing pop music and they had already packed everything away. Us girls say down on a long couch and everyone was silent for a few minutes.

"So, what do you girls want to do?" The boy that opened the door spoke. We all looked at each other then Daisy suggested a DVD. They then showed us all their DVDs and all they had was horror films. I rolled my eyes, I hated horror films, I was so scared of them. But if it's all they had, and everyone wanted to watch them, I'd have to too. We all hauled the couch in front of the tv and a boy stuck the film on. I sat next to Rachel and this dude, Eric, he insisted sitting next to me. I think he liked me. All the girls ended up sitting next to at least one boy. As soon as Eric pressed play, a scary face popped up and screamed. I just had to scream myself. Everyone laughed at me and I tucked my hair behind my ears. Eric looked at me,

"Are you scared?" I nodded, he wrapped his around my shoulders and squeezed me tight,

"Feel safe now?" I nodded again, he laughed and the film started in a haunted house. It was a strange film. Something I couldn't explain.

By the end of the film, Eric was stroking my hair and my head was lent on his chest. To be honest, I think the boys had planned to watch a film, because all the girls were in the same position that I was in. Oh well.

"Sorry, your going to have to stay here for the night girls." The police said through the door and the boys cheered quietly. The girls laughed and we decided to pull an all nighter.

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