Zoe Bird is going to be a chemistry major at Oxford University, she considers herself to be a professional matchmaker. But when it comes to her own relationship, will she know how to play it?


9. Chapter 8- Oxford

When we finally made our way outside, to the cab services.

"Um, can I get a cab to Oxford University?" I asked as I leaned in the cabs window. He nodded and tapped something on his sat-nav. I shoved our bags into the boot and we got in the cab. I instantly turned my airplane mode off and got a bunch of messages from Jake. I ignored them and searched how many minutes it was until we got to Oxford. I hour, give or take a few minutes. I'm not sure that I could wait that long. I wanted to see who I was put in a dorm with. I could get put with with one person or three other people. I hope their all really nice, I hope that one of them is a chemistry major too. That would be so epic! Beth was playing music on her phone out loud and we started boogieing all the way there.

After, what seemed to be a five minute can ride, we arrived at the best Uni in England, Oxford. We quickly unpacked our suitcases and Beth gave the man a twenty pound note. We ran into the building and the receptionist gave us a weird look. When we got to her desk,

"Hello, girls. Could I just see a form of ID?" I pulled out my passport and so did Beth. We showed it to her and she typed in a few things on her computer.

"Your both here, for the five year scholarship. Is that right?" She asked us, we both nodded, would she just give us our dorm keys?! She rummaged around in a draw and pulled out two keys,

"Your both in the fifth building, your in 306." She pointed to Beth as she handed her the keys,

"And you are in dorm... 307." She handed me my keys and I looked at Beth, we are right next to each other. This was going to be the most epic thing ever! The receptionist gave us both a map and we directed ourselves to the fifth building, which was on the other side of campus. We ran all the way, screaming and shouting with the other newcomers that were headed off in other directions.

We stood in front of our dorm doors and took a big breath and unlocked the door. We faced each other before going in. We smiled at one another. Our life long friends were going to be through this door. I opened the door when Beth did and I heard screams from Beth's door and she got dragged in. Good luck Beth! I had three faces looking at me. I awkwardly waved at them but they didn't pay attention. I looked behind me and all I saw was a boring grey wall. That's until the girls came up to me and turned my head the other way. I sighed, it was a seriously gorgeous boy. With a suitecase. That means he's in our year! Get in! I cooled my self by waving my hand in front of me, creating some sort of mini draft. I closed the door and the girls decided to introduce themselves.

"I'm Daisy, I'm a Music major. I do covers on loads of songs. I could sing one for you now if you like." She asked, she spoke very fast. That was going to be annoying at first, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Her blonde hair was in a high ponytail and her brown eyes were so dark that I couldn't see the pupils from where I was standing.

"I'm Sarah, I'm a dance major. I starred in the film, Roses, of corse, it never hit the tv..." She told my awkwardly, she was twiddling her brown hair and blinking her green eyes, she was not that confident, but maybe that's just because she's meeting new people.

"I'm Rachel, I'm a Chemistry major." A black haired, blue eyed girl spoke, nice and clear. She looked a lot like me. And she was a chemistry major. I could tell me and her were going to be really good friends.

"Well, I'm Zoe, and I'm a-" I started to speak but then the girls decided to bet what major I was,

"I bet she's a music major!" Daisy yelled.

"I bet she's a dance major!" Sarah shouted.

"I bet she's a chemistry major!" Rachel exclaimed,

"I am indeed a chemistry major." I told them, Daisy and Sarah sat down in depression and Rachel came up to me and have me a huge hug. Then we heard a knock on the door...

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