Zoe Bird is going to be a chemistry major at Oxford University, she considers herself to be a professional matchmaker. But when it comes to her own relationship, will she know how to play it?


8. Chapter 7- Airtime

In the morning, I woke up to my phone ringing, I rubbed my eyes and I felt a bit sick from last night. I reached for my phone and I looked at the screen. It was Beth, I instantly answered it and held it to my ear,

"Hi, can I come by your house, then we can get a taxi together to the airport. We're on the same flight." She asked, I told her that was fine. I was so excited to be in the same school as my best friend. I know I was in the same high school with her but Uni's going to be different. I got out of bed and chucked on some makeup, a blue, shoulder less top, and black shorts with black wedges. I just couldn't stop thinking about how fun this was going to be. There was going to be tons of awesome party's and a lot of boys. I would never class, what I had with Jake, a relationship. Neither with Luke.

When I went downstairs after packing, I heard Beth knock at my door. My parents liked Beth, they always say,

"That girls lovely." I'm glad that my mum and dad like my best friend too.

"Hey. I'm so excited to go to England." Beth shouted as she tried to turn her earphones off. I closed the door after her and my dad came downstairs, carrying my suitcase. My mum then followed him, crying her eyes out.

"Mum. What's wrong?" I asked as I put my arm round her and she gave me a huge hug.

"I'm going to miss you honey." She started balling, that made my dad cry too. My phone started making a really annoying sound, which meant that it was time to leave.

"Mum, I have to go now." She nodded and gave me another tight squeeze and she let me and Beth go to the airport.

"Your passports." The stewardess asked, I rummaged about in my pocket and I finally found it, my heart always skips a beat when I can't find something. I handed it to her and she checked it and she let us onto the plane. She passed us our passports back and I slipped it back into my pocket.

"Seat three and four. Right in front of the cockpit. Awesome, we get to see two pilots for eight and a half hours." Beth whispered to me as we awkwardly walked to the front of the plane. I honestly loved going on planes. We put our things in the lockers above our heads and got out the things that we need, food, drinks and our phones. We also had the little tv's on the back of the seats. I sat next to the window, so Beth could get a proper look at the pilots. I looked at my phone and I saw I had a message from Jake,

"Look behind you." I was seriously confused, I showed Beth and she looked behind us and sighed. She signalled that he was behind me. I looked also and he was sat on the side that Beth was.

"Great." I mumbled under my breathe. Jake looked down at his phone and he laughed. So I couldn't get anymore messages, I turned it onto airplane mode.

"This is your captain speaking, the current temperature in London, England is 15C. If you have any other questions about our flight, ask the flight attendants, who will now show you the emergency exits." The captain spoke as Beth put some of her new lip gloss on. The seat belt sign above us came on while the emergency exit showing was on. I always knew what to do, but I watched, as I couldn't go on my phone now. Beth gave me a sherbet lemon to suck on while the airplane was going up. It always made my ears pop. I hated the sensation of going up though, it feels like I'm just going to fall again. Beth kept making whooshing noises as we went up. I just had to hold onto the arm rests. She grabbed her designated remote and switched on her tv. She placed the ear phones on her head. I did the same and switched on 'Mrs. Doubtfire'. It was one of my favourite films, it was where a man who divorced his wife has three kids. He is a voice animation man and he does loads of impressions. He then discovers a ad in the news paper and pretends to be Mrs. Doubtfire, to his kids. Brilliant actor too, Robin Williams. I looked at my phone, forgetting I had to put it on airplane mode, I then looked up on the screen to see Robin Williams doing his impression of a hotdog.

When we landed, it was so cold in London, I had to find my scarf in my suitecase. They made the airport here, very complicated...

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