Zoe Bird is going to be a chemistry major at Oxford University, she considers herself to be a professional matchmaker. But when it comes to her own relationship, will she know how to play it?


5. Chapter 4-Am I Falling?

I stood beside the door, trying to hear him. I couldn't hear him, I let my arms fall in sadness and walked into my room. I felt so depressed until I felt two strong arms wrap around me. I smiled, he didn't leave... I tilted my head to the side to see him and I kissed him on the cheek. He smiled back at me, I then felt so happy.

"Babe, I'm going to get a drink." He told me before letting me go, I watched him walk down stairs. I then heard a beep coming from my bed, I walked towards it. It was his phone, I picked it up and the screen lit up, he had a new message, before I put it back on the bed, I read the message, accidently;

"I'm so glad that we got to see each other tonight." It didn't say who it was from. But I had a good idea, I heard his foot steps and I dropped his phone back on the bed, I sat down next to it.

"Hey." I spoke, he walked in the room with a glass of water.

"This waters really nice." He stated, I rolled my eyes before answering him, he was a filthy boy. Ugh, I hated him now.

"Yeah, it's filtered from the mountains." I answered, he came and kissed my forehead, I smiled, I had to pretend to be in love with him this weekend, so I might make him spill the beans. I would have to sleep with one eye open...

"You are the best thing that's ever happened to me." I lied as I stood up and wrapped my arms around him, he smiled as we swayed gently.

"Yep, I love you." His phone beeped again, I let go of him and he rushed towards it. The light brightened up his face and he laughed as he answered back. That dude is such a good actor, that's why he's a drama major, I wish he couldn't lie. Why was he using me?

"Shall we go to bed?" I asked as I arranged my pillows, I was going to sleep next to the wall and he was going to sleep on the other side, let's hope he falls off. He nodded, I yawned and I got under my covers. He followed after and snuggled up next to me. I faced him and I wrapped my legs around him, the most, 'lovey dovey', position I could think of. He stroked my hair until I fell asleep.

In the morning I woke after him and he was getting dressed and I rubbed my eyes.

"Hello beautiful." He complemented as he lent towards me and kissed my forehead. I couldn't help but get goose bumps up and down my arms.

"Hey." I replied back and I got up and grabbed some clothes out of my closet.

"Hey, I'm going to leave, I'm going on a weekend holiday, I'll be back on Tuesday." He told me, then it hit me,

"Your missing graduation?" I inquired, he nodded, he then told me that he got his diploma yesterday, with no actual celebration. I thought that was disgusting, just like him really. After I whacked on my clothes and make up, I started to make my bed. Then I heard a thump on the floor beside me. I looked and it was his phone, it was like he wanted me to find it... I picked off the floor and it beeped, what an annoying sound! I got into his phone and clicked on messages, he had been talking to Natalie, what a surprise!

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