5sos imagines and prefrences

i like 5sos, enjoy:)


2. your song...


Call me maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen

You always listen to pandora when youre in the shower, and one day call me maybe came on... yeah its stupid and all, but its just so catchy so by about halfway through you were singing it at the top of your lungs...

"AND ALL THE OTHER BOYS TRY TO CHAAASSSEEEE ME!" You sing off key into your shampoo bottle and then all the sudden you hear Ashton outside of the bathroom door lauging...

"But heres my number... so call me maybe!" He sings, mocking you through the door. You were so embarassed you never wanted to get out of the bathroom, but unfortunatley you promised your best friend that you would go to lunch with her.


You open the door, ready to face your fear and you find Ashton laying on the couch with his attention on his phone, you hurry to your bedroom, and just when you think youre clear... you feel two familliar hands wrap around you and pull you to the couch...

"Ash! Stop!" You scream laughing, holding onto your towel for dear life.

You try and escape his grib but he ends up grabbing you bridal style and throws you on the couch. He leans over you and begins showering you with kisses and attempting to pull the towel away from your tight grip, but you protest. You dont have time for this because you were supposed to be at the restraunt in fifteen minuets. You scurry off of him and re adjust the towel covering your body.

"Why are you so sweet on me all the sudden..." You laugh, once again walking to the bedroom.

"Why would you ask that? Cant I be sweet on the most beautifulest girl in the entire world..." He smiled, but you knew something suspicious was going on.

"What did you do?"

"Nothing..." He nerviously laughed pulling at the end of his tshirt. Something was deffinatley up.


"I love you so much Y/N"


"Just dont check keek..." He laughed and you ran to the bedroom door, locking it before he could get in.

You imediatley open the app and see a new 5sos notification on your keek feed... you click on it and it begins to play.

"So Y/N likes to sing quite loudly in the shower so i thought id share this with you..." He whispered laughing and walking to the bathroom door.


"but here my number! So call me maybe! and all the other boys... try to chase me!" you sing completley off key and ashton in trying his hardest not to burst out laughing


"But heres my number so call me maybe!" He screams... and runs away...

"Thats it guys love youuuuuuu! Bye!" The keek ends and you scoff, putting your phone down.

"Babe I love you..." You dont reply...

"Call me maybe?" he says through the door and you burst out laughing. He was lucky you loved him so much, otherwise he would be so dead right now...




Sex- the 1975


It was youre first concert and your first date with Calum, he had surprised you with tickets to see your favorite band (the 1975) for your birthday. It was finally the day and you were so exited...

The two of you sang along to every word, and by the last set calum had his hand laced with yours. The 1975 announced that it was their last song and the crowd roared when the opening guitar intro to sex began playing.

"I love this song!" You say over the crowd and Cal smiles at you.

By the middle of the song he has his hands around your waist and you both are slow dancing to the uptempo song. You look up at him and giggle.

"This is an awful song to slowdance to." He says nothing and just stares intently into your eyes.

"Y/N, you are so beautiful." You begin to blush and he cradels your face in his hands, slowly bringing his face to yours. Just as the song ends he plants a soft kiss on your lips.

The perfect first kiss at a perfect first concert.



You cant alway get what you want- the rolling stones


"Babe its fine..." You say while driving your boyfriend michael back from the airport. He was back for a week inbetween touring and he was staying the weekend at your flat.

"No Y/N it not, I fucked up..." He just stared out the window. You hated seeing him this way and he unfortunatley turned into this to often. Everytime he made a small mistake on stage he took it out so hard on himself. It sucked seeing him so frustrated with himself.

"I know it sucks, but if you think about it... out of all the amazing moments you've had on stage a minor glitch is bound to happen every once and a while... and it wasnt even that bad of a glitch. You were probably the only one who noticed it."

"I dont want to talk about it right now..." He was so impossible to please, but you listened to him and turned your phone on shuffle and suddenly the stones started singing...

"You cant always get what you want..."

You started laughing and you saw a small smile form at the corner of his mouth. You began singing out of tune with the music.

"You cant always get what you want..." You sang looking directly at him and nudging his shoulder...

"You cant always get what you want!" You sang at the top of your lungs and nodded your head to the music. He began singing along with you...

"But if you try sometimes... then you just might find..." At this point you both were having a full out jam session in your car.

"YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED!" You both sang laughing. 



Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran


"Lu im tired..." You murmed at the boy staring back at you on your computer screen. He had been gone for two months. It had been two agonizingly long months since you had seen the boy that your life revolved around and it was killing both of you. The only time you got to see him was in the middle of the night through skype. It sucked that you could only talk to him at three in the morning, but time zones played an unfortunatley huge role in your relationship.

"Y/N dont go..." He pursed out his bottom lip, and you giggled.

"I have to, I work in..." You look back at your clock and it reads 6:00, had you really already been talking for three hours? "two hours." You sighed and burried your head into your peguin pillow pet that luke had given you before he left.

"Why?" He whined and you rolled your eyes.


"I have bills, and they must be paid." He moaned and you sat there for a while with your head resting on the soft pillow.

"Y/N" You ignored him and shut your eyes...

"Y/N are you sleeping?" Luke asked and when you looked up at the screen his face was inches away from the camera.

"I was trying to...: You smile and lay your head back down.

"Lu, sing me to sleep..." You softly say

"What should I sing?" He says grabbing a little acoustic guitar and intently staring at you, even though you arnt looking at the screen

"Anything..." you reply already half asleep.

"You look so wonderful in you pajamas, I love your hair like that..." You giggle at him changing the lyrics.

"The way it falls down the side of your neck... down your shoulders and back." 

You smile and soon enough, you are fast asleep... dreaming of the day that he finally comes home.

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