The Football Match One Direction FanFic

Hi I'm kasey and this is the story on how a college football (soccer) match changed my life
When I meet someone I never imagined will my life change?
Can I be myself with the people I have never imagined I would meet?
The thing is Im to caught up in my sports I've never taken the time to fall in love and be broken to find the person who is right.
Then when I do i don't know what to do
Things can be good at some points and bad at others but.... When I meet HIM I change


2. will louis win the match

It's been a couple days since I last talked to the boys and they asked before I left there house if I would play a a football match with them but only one on one. I said ok but they better be prepared to lose to a girl.

-one the phone with Louis -

K=me L=Louis

K - hay Louis wanna go to he field?

L - sure, I'm wearing purple so don't wear purple

K - ok I'm wearing green

L - goody ok I'll see ya in a minute love, I'll pick you up text me your address

K - ok bye Lou

L - bye Kasey

- end of conversation -

Ok got to get ready

I'm wearing a green sports ventilated t-shirt, a pair of green on green shorts, all neon

- headed to the field -

I'm on my way to the field to beat Louis's butt out on the field and show him how real girls fight. I'm destined to win, I'm destined to fight. When I am on the field I'm a completely different person. All I concentrate on is the ball, the goal, and WINNING!!!!!!. If I lose my self esteem is really low I don't go to school the next day. If I do I get high fives and hugs because everyone is proud of me cause I always go in every way to stay on the field even though I need water, all I wanna do is stay on the field and never leave .

-at the field with Louis -

"Yo Lou I'm down here" I yell at him cause he is standing in the bleachers and I'm on the field practicing drills. " ok no need to yell" he says " I know at least I didn't yell CARROTS!!!!" I say " no way I love carrots" " me too" " want one I packed like three bags, I take them everywhere I go just like Harry carries twix in his back pocket I take carrots with me and Niall with nandos

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