The Football Match One Direction FanFic

Hi I'm kasey and this is the story on how a college football (soccer) match changed my life
When I meet someone I never imagined will my life change?
Can I be myself with the people I have never imagined I would meet?
The thing is Im to caught up in my sports I've never taken the time to fall in love and be broken to find the person who is right.
Then when I do i don't know what to do
Things can be good at some points and bad at others but.... When I meet HIM I change


1. going to meet the guys at their party

Hi I'm kasey, I have long blonde hair with pink and purple dip dyed ends. I'm a pro soccer player and boxer. I'm a senior at St.lukus college. I have 1 brother.

Today I have soccer practice and I found out yesterday that we have a huge worldwide tournament next well so I have training after words.

"Martha in like 20 minutes I'm going to the gym wanna join?" I ask my only best friend Martha " sorry sweetie can't " she say.

I'm on my way to the gym from school. I get there check in, say hi to everyone, and go to the football field outside in the back and you have to walk through the whole gym to get there.

I get a ball and start shouting I made 29 goals before my coach showed up

- after a long practice -

I'm on my way home to shower and get ready for the boys party. I striped from my work out gear and hoped into the shower. I hoped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my freezing cold body and walked to my closet

Hmmmmm.... What to wear? What to wear? I thought to myself

" oh I like this one " I said out loud. It was a dark green long-short dress with a black bow around the waist. For my makeup I I put on dark green eye-shadow , black eye-liner, and that's it. I'm not a makeup person.

I was walking to my car when my phone went off.

From:the boys (I added them to my contacts)

R u coming we wanna meet u plz come

I never answered cause I'm on my way. I pull up and there are only 4 other cars there. Darn them little turds they told me it was a party not for me to just hang out with them. So maybe I should change I have a change in the trunk. What I change into is a purple crop-top,black jeans, and purple and black checkered flats. So I looked good but not like a slut

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