The Awkward One (Short Story)

"You don't want to be seen talking to me." She told him. "Why not?" He asked. "They don't like me very much." She replied. "And why is that? There's nothing wrong with you." The new boy smiled. "No, there isn't. I'm just a bit awkward."

Taylor is a fifteen year old girl at a rich California boarding school. Kids don't exactly like her, and she can't do anything about it. Gabriel is the new boy. He is instantly popular, and doesn't understand the rules that involve 'The Awkward One.'

When it comes down to it, who will Gabriel choose? Will he choose the populars, or Taylor?


4. Four

Gabriel's POV

"See? You're not friends. We told you." James smirks. Victoria tries linking her arm with mine, but I shrug her off. "What is wrong with you guys? Don't you see how amazing she is!" I exclaim. "Gabe, we know you're not sticking up for that- that thing! Now are you?"  Max punches my shoulder lightly.

"She is a person! Not a thing!" I spit out. Max and James start to advance on me, while Victoria and her little friends watch, smirking. "Fight, fight, fight!" They start to chant. A crowd gathers around. But I don't want to fight. I want Taylor. I turn around to chase her, but I am pulled back,  as an icy, yet fiery feeling starts to spread, and I am being beat to the ground..


I start to wake up, as my eyes flutter, groggily. Taylor. I sit up. Taylor. I start to get out of the hospital bed. Taylor. "Woah, uh, uh, uh! " The school nurse ushers me back to the bed. "No, no, no. I need." Taylor. "Taylor." I finish with a whisper. "I need Taylor." The nurse looks sympathetic. "Alright. You were never here." Nurse Grace winks, turning her back

She's another one of the younger, nicer staff members. "Thank you, Nurse Grace." I walk out, turning to a jog as soon as my foot hits the courtyard. I quickly sprint to Taylor's dorm. "Taylor, open up." I pound on the door. "Taylor!" I pound for about two minutes, before finally barging in. "Taylor, I'm here for you. I picked you! I don't care about the popularity, okay? You are my only friend! Please! Just.." I try to take a deep breath, but still, sobbing out the last word. "Please." I whisper.


Taylor's POV

I lay on the floor, and I hear him walk into my room. I hear the things he's telling me. I pull my sleeves down, covering the fresh cuts. "What?" I walk out of the bathroom, my eyes poofy and red. My long hair is in a braid, a white, long sleeved shirt covering my wrists, and black cheerleader shorts. My mascara is running a little, but I don't care.

"You.. Why are you back? I said.. Awful things." I choke out. "I need you, Taylor." He sobs. "I need you." I pull his head down to my shoulder, patting his back. "It.. I'm not going to say it's all okay. It's not. But I promise, I'll try to make it as close as I can."


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