Keeping Up With The Fangirls

Keeping Up With The Fangirls. A reality television show which showcases fangirls recruited from all over the world that compete in contests to win various prizes. The main goal of the show is to make it into the top three and win the ultimate prize.
One Direction.
Well, you don't really win One Direction, but you go on tour with them.
And, c'mon, what's better than that?
When Tori Knightley gets recruited, she couldn't be more ecstatic. But she soon realizes that this show has an ulterior motive.
And it is definitely not in the girls' best interests.


6. Chapter 6.

Chapter 6:

Every girl's head snapped towards the direction of the boys, and collectively, almost as if they had choreographed it, they all let out a squeal. The girls who were near the boys were especially lucky, seeing as they got to see the boys, literal walking pieces of perfection, fully. I wondered if I was dreaming. Seriously, this was not even possible. 

Even though I was quite taller than average, I still couldn't see the guys properly. Just then, the permanent-smiling lady came in, and said, "Well, well. It seems like the boys have arrived."

I couldn't resist it. Not when she said it like that. So, I said, quite loudly, "No shit Sherlock."

Now everyone's attention was on me. Why did I do that? Although I'm not normally one to be fazed by attention, my cheeks reddened at the thought of the cameras filming this.

The silence was broken by a loud belly-laugh, by none other than Niall Horan. I thought that, right then and there, I would melt into a puddle. Because Niall Horan, the Niall Horan was laughing at a joke I made. Well, it wasn't really a joke, more like a sarcastic remark, but still. I wanted to hibernate for the rest of the year just so I could dream about this moment over and over.

Apparently it was in the job description of the permanent-smiling lady to not retort back at sarcastic comments, no matter how badly she wanted to. Because she just, if it was even possible, smiled even more widely at me and continued on as if no interruption had been made.

"Now, girls, these five boys will be sitting on a sofa while you all introduce yourselves. Say only your name, age, and where you're from. We'll start with you." She said and snatched up some random girl who looked completely baffled. I listened in on some of the girls, but I began to zone out. It was only when Aiden (who had been standing next to me the whole time and almost drooling) nudged me in the side that I realized it was my time to speak.

"Alright, so." I said, trying to stall for time as I tried to remember what I had to say. "Your name. Tell them your name." Aiden hissed from beside me. Right. Of course. My name. "Uh, my name' name is...uh, what's my name?" I didn't realize what I had been saying until I said it. I was too busy day-dreaming about Harry's hair, and Niall's laugh, and Zayn's perfect jawline...

I felt a sharp poke to my side. "Ow!- I mean. My names Tori Rae Knightley, I'm 18, and I'm from Sydney. And I'm an epic person." I added with a flourish as I sat back down. But then I sighed, realizing that the boys had probably already labeled me as the weirdo.


After we were all done with the introductions, which took quite some time, the boys were allowed to mingle with the girls for a while, until dinner started.

Good. I was starving.Being an awesome person all the time can be exhausting.

Although the guys were supposed to chat with all of the girls, it was obvious they couldn't. I mean, The Fakes were practically hanging off of each and every one of them. So I was very surprised when I felt someone sit down on the couch next to me, and I turned to tell them off for almost sitting on my hand, before I was met with icy-blue eyes and that cute little Irish voice that I had always imagined said, "Hey, you're Tori, aren't you?"

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