Keeping Up With The Fangirls

Keeping Up With The Fangirls. A reality television show which showcases fangirls recruited from all over the world that compete in contests to win various prizes. The main goal of the show is to make it into the top three and win the ultimate prize.
One Direction.
Well, you don't really win One Direction, but you go on tour with them.
And, c'mon, what's better than that?
When Tori Knightley gets recruited, she couldn't be more ecstatic. But she soon realizes that this show has an ulterior motive.
And it is definitely not in the girls' best interests.


15. Chapter 15.



aChapter 15:

"What the he-" Harry started to say but was interrupted by Louis who had followed him out and was now staring, wide-eyed, at his band-mate's appearance. That is, before he started having a laughing spasm. 

"Harry-hahaha-you-hahaha-look so-haha-funny-haha!" He said, in between laughs. Louis still hadn't spotted us. I considered sneaking off before he did.

Unfortunately, that plan very soon went down the drain.

"You two." Harry said, pointing a finger at the both of us. I suddenly became mortified of the fact that a cameraman had suddenly come out and was now recording everything. Aiden saw this as she marched right up to the cameraman and hissed, "You better stop recording right now before I make you sorry." The cameraman nodded and disappeared, scared out of his wits. 

"Now, back to business." She clapped her hands. "Where were we?"

I walked up to Harry, who looked like an overgrown chicken. "Oh, I had no idea that you would be the one who would be coming out of the door, sorry Harry. Anyway, I think me and Aiden will be going now, I think Selena Gomez just called me-" 

He cut me off. "Wait, you both did the prank?"

"No, Harry, we were just crouching there hiding behind a potted plant while a prank was right in front us for no reason. Of course we didn't do the prank." I replied sarcastically. Harry blushed and nodded.

"Well, that was a pretty good prank. Even though I was on the receiving end of it." He lightly chuckled.

"Good prank? That was a brilliant prank! I am so glad to know that there are pranksters here! 

How about we team up some day?" Louis said, or rather, screamed while jumping up and down like a five year old on a sugar rush.


"Yeah, I know, we are pretty good pranksters. I mean, we just pranked Harry Styles. You don't get better than that." Aiden said. 

"And yeah, we should totally team up." I added. Meanwhile, Harry was trying to get the feathers and water off of his face. The powder had combined with the water and there were blobs all over him now. 

Suddenly the familiar click-clack of Terry's heels on the floor came towards us. All of us, especially me and Aiden immediately ducked into the nearest room we could find, which just so happened to be the dining room. Well, atleast none of the other girls were here.


Terry's heels passed by the dining room. We all breathed our a sigh of relief. 

"Now, Harry, we need to get you cleaned up!"


Not a single trace of a feather remained on Harry. Since he didn't live here, he didn't have an extra shirt on him, so he just took off the sweatshirt he was wearing and walked everywhere in a t-shirt. His jeans were ruined, so he could pretty much kiss them goodbye. 

After the dinner was over, it was time for the interviews. Me and Aiden refrained from saying anything about us getting lost and the "prank". We mostly talked about how good the food was. 


We're so mature.

Finally Terry stepped up to the stage, tapping the microphone. "Attention, everyone. It's time to say the winners of the bowling challenge and the hiking challenge!"


She looked at a paper in her hand. "Firstly, the team that won from the bowling challenge was... Team 10, which had Aiden, Tori, Brit, Polly, Monica, Shonna, Louisa, Emily, Annabelle, and Katie! Congratulations! Please come up and accept these signed albums!"


Team 10 was us! We had won! Insert happy fangirling dance here because I can't do it in front of other people. 

We all clambered on stage, except one. Brit. Of course, she had been voted off. I was very happy. 

We received our gifts and I was about to go back down the stairs when one of the Fakes grabbed the microphone and proceeded to make a speech.

"I'd just like to say that I am very happy for this gift, and I deserved it very much, since I contributed so much to the bowling challenge. Of course, I'd have appreciated it if some people had worked a little harder." She said staring pointedly at me and Aiden.


I got so angry then I didn't think straight. Stomping my way over to her I grabbed the mike and shouted, "We didn't contribute?! Are you really gonna play that game? Maybe if you and your stupid Barbie friends weren't so busy talking about lipglosses, we could've gotten a higher score! And oh yeah, you contributed so much. Yeah, picking up a ball with your fake nails and then dropping it is such a contribution." I rolled my eyes and stomped off the stage. I could see the One Direction boys looking at me in wonder.


"Er, anyway, the winner of the hiking challenge is, Leslie McCarten!" Terry announced when the Fakes had gotten off. A shy-looking girl with big, hazel eyes came on stage and accepted her signed album. It wasn't fair. She had gotten all those treasures, and now she gets this as well?

I could still see Harry and Liam looking back at me. I ignored them and went outside.

It was then that a hand clamped over my mouth and a blindfold was put over my eyes. 

I was only able to register one thought.

What the actual frig. 

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