Just a little advice about everything, hope it helps you out a little.


1. How NOT to Treat Your Girlfriend

First of all, lets call this part one, there are so many things you shouldn't do if you want to keep your girlfriend for a long period of time. Obviously I'm no expert and you should pick and choose which of these things you're actually going to listen to, or all of them, or none of them, it is your choice, so don't blame me if something backfires, these are suggestions.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, we shall begin with the advice, in this chapter I'll give you, let's say, seven things not to do.

1. Don't ignore her. This one seems pretty obvious but it has happen quite a bit to me. Girls don't like to be ignored, nobody does really, it makes us feel like we're unimportant to you and, if you were just going to ignore us the whole time we're supposedly dating, why are we even dating anyway?

2. Don't act like you did nothing wrong when she calls you out for something. Own up to the fact that that's how you made her feel whether you meant to or not. Apologize and make things right. If she's still mad don't ignore her completely but give her space. Reply to her texts/calls, let her rant, or just pay attention if you're talking in person or over video chat.

3. Don't flirt with other girls. This will always make its way back to your girlfriend, no matter how far outside your friend circle you think that other girl is, she will find out. Flirting in front of your girlfriend is a whole different thing, whoever told you that was a good idea obviously wanted you to get in deep trouble because even if she says she doesn't get jealous, it happens to all of us.

4. Don't treat her like an idiot. Okay, my boyfriend is completely guilty of this. He chastises me all. the. time. Not only is it annoying, it's also demeaning and it's not cute. If you insult my intelligence, I don't care how long I've known you I won't take it. Who do you actually know that like to be treated like an idiot? Do you? Yeah so don't treat your girlfriend like one.

5. Don't compromise her innocence. This one is a bit more complicated, let me explain. If you only kissed her goodnight, don't go to practice the next day and tell your friends that you had sex with her. If you had sex with her don't tell it to the world. That's probably not something she wants to spread to the rest of the school, and that shit can spread pretty fast. This leads me into the next tip;

6. Don't force her to go faster than she's comfortable or further than she wants. Relationships are a big deal to girls (some guys too) and if you force something too intimate on her too quickly you've lost your chance all together. If she wants to save herself for marriage, respect that, if she's not ready to kiss you, respect that too. If you can't then maybe you should find a different girl.

7.  Don't make fun of her for something she's sensitive about. I'm personally really sensitive about the fact that I'm almost two years younger than you boyfriend, he constantly calls me a baby (and not in a pet name way) and it drives me insane! If your girl is sensitive about her weight, her height, her anything, don't poke fun at it. (How to tell if a girl is sensitive about a topic; she gets quieter, her answers become shorter, her voice gets tense, she stops looking at you etc.)

Well I hope you like this, if you have anything you want advice on, leave it in the comments below and if I can help I will make a chapter on it! Please favorite and fan this so I know to make more!

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