Just a little advice about everything, hope it helps you out a little.


2. High School Freshman Advice

Being a freshman in high school can be really stressful, trust me I know, I've been there. We always look for ways to make our lives a bit easier and hopefully this will help you out and make your life just a little bit easier as you enter high school!

1. Don't stress about the first day. The first day is probably the scariest part of your freshman year, you really don't know what you're doing, where you're going, or how to act. If you're late to any classes most teachers will cut you some slack because it's your first day in a new school.

2. Upperclassmen aren't mean. Some may act all abrasive but they know what you're going through, they were freshmen once before. 

3. Ask for directions. This is really hard for some people, but if you're lost ask someone for directions, whether it's a teacher or a fellow student ask someone, people are always happy to help.

4. Get your homework done. I watched several friends fail their classes because they didn't do their homework. A lot of times it's an easy A and it can really bring your grade down if you don't do it. This leads me into my next tip which is; 

5. Don't leave your homework until the last minute. This will leave you sleep deprived (if you stay up late trying to finish because you put it off) or you'll get in trouble with your other teachers for trying to finish homework for other classes in their class. Plus you'll end up not being able to do as great of a job and it'll show when your teacher grades it.

6. Make friends with lots of people. Try and get out of your comfort zone and make more friends outside of your regular friend group, you may find your new best friend or some new hobbies you really enjoy, so be a little outgoing, say hi. If you're shy push yourself to say hello to a new person every week and try and have a small conversation with them!

7. Be yourself. Don't try to copy other people who you think are popular or oh so cool, be yourself, make your own style, if you like someone else' style try and work a little bit of that into your wardrobe instead of changing your whole look to become that person. Don't lie to make yourself look better, tell the truth, although at the time maybe you feel a little lame for never having your first kiss, people will appreciate the fact that you were honest with them.

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