Summer love

The doctor was right I've suffer a lot. But I wasn't there when she needed me the most. I wasn't there for her and now it's my fault that she's gone.


2. Her Again

"What do you mean Zayn?"

"Because you said the same thing last time and the next day you explain to us that it wasn't true and she wasn't the one and blah blah."

"That is true Niall." Liam said

"Hey boys get back to practice or run an extra mile!" Yelled our coach

Me and the boys are in a soccer team. We are the best ones, our coach we love us or make us run an extra mile if we don't follow orders by him.

"Sorry coach we'll get going." Louis said


Claire POV

"Claire why are you late?" Jessie said. She my best friend since fifth grade

"Because some idiot bump into me, he was in a rush because he drop all my books."


"Some blonde guy."

"what was he wearing?" Jessie always ask what the person is wearing or there style is in order to imagine who they are. She's weird like that

"He was wearing his soccer practice uniform."

"That's Niall."

"Really." Now I know who the idiot was

"Yea, him and his cousin are the hottest guys in campus."

"We'll sorry I didn't know who they are."


"And than I told my dad, that I don't won't want to be like him when I'm older." I have to lie to everyone including my best friend that my dad is a lawyer. But he's actually and infamous drug dealer that's big all over the world.

"A lawyer."


"Why don't you want to be a lawyer?"

"I don't know it seems kinda of boring" I hate lying to her. But it's best that she doesn't know who my father really is.

"Ok. Hey what did you get in government.?"

"A 98. Let's give an applause to the smart girl." I heard clapping but it wasn't from Jessie. I turn around and saw the idiot who bump into me. I turned around again and saw Jessie with this huge smile.

"Congrats. For getting a 98. And I'm sorry for bumping into you earlier."

"Look Mr. I'm perfect, you made me late to my class and you think an apology is going to reverse that tardy."

"What about a date."

"Yes! She'll love to go!" Jessie said squealing

"Than it's a date I'll pick you up on Saturday."

"First of all I didn't yes at all, and second you don't know where I live?"

"We'll your face said something else and we're neighbors."

"Fine, I'll see you Saturday."

"Cool. See you than." He left and I looked a Jessie.

"Why did you do that for?!"

"At least you have a date Claire. So be happy." Jessie said

"Whatever. But what am I going to wear. My dad won't let me dress up because he's to protective of me."

"I let you use some of my clothes." Jessie said with a huge smile on her face. Great, what did I get myself into.

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