Imagine there was another witch in the Harry Potter Gang. Would she change anything? Imagine Harry Potter with another girl, who everyone adores.


5. The sparkling night

 Maya's P.O.V


The door slammed shut as Harry left, our dormitory.  He had done something I had never imagined.  Suddenly all the girls gasped, laughed, and ohhhhed and ahhhed.  But I was thunder struck.  What had just happened there!  I was frozen.  Completely frozen.  All the girls fell silent and begun to get in their beds.  But I, I was still frozen.  Oh why so surprised?  Asked Hermione.  I told you He liked you.  I didn't say anything.  Maya.  Hermione said.  Maya.  She repeated.  Do you like Harry?  She Cooed.  That was it.  NO I DONT.  GO TO BED OK?!   Everyone.  Fell silent and laid down.  I turned off the lights, grabbed a jacket, and my broomstick, and went out the dormitory door.  I went down the stairs, and out the pothole.  But it was already open.  Somebody had gone out.  But I didn't care.  I marched towards the front oak doors, and pushed them open quietly.  I then went outside.  It was dark, and the moonlight showed shadows.  I shivered.  I was a bit cold.  I climbed on to my broomstick, and kicked off the ground.  I was a chased for the Gryffindor Quittach team.  I flew up in till I was about level to the highest roof.  I flew toward the closet roof, and got down. I then sat there. On the roof.  Thinking of what had happened.  A tear dropped down my eye. I didn't want my best friend more than that.  Wow I didn't know I would make you cry.  Said a voice behind me.  I spin around to see Harry on the roof behind me.  I had totally missed him when I was coming.  What are you doing here?  I ask a bit sadly.  This is where I go when I need alone time.  Oh.  Me too.  I say.  Hey sorry about that.  He looks down.  Um it's fine.  I say.  But it wasn't.  Harry scoots up to beside me. Really I'm sorry.  He says.  Really it's fine!. I say. Ok ok you win.  He says.  I'm not winning anything.  I say.  Well actually, never mind. He says.  The stars were shining brightly throughout the sky.  Harry looks at me.  I look at him.  He leans in, and so do I. Then I decide to play a little trick on him.  I flutter my eyes. Harry, I say very sweetly as if in a dream.  Harry.................You have food stuck in your teeth.  He blushes, and turns to wipe. I suddenly took that as a opportunity.  I jumped onto my broom, and flew away to the lowest roof.  I went into a corner so no one could see me.  I put down my broom, and sit down in the corner.  But I sat on something soft.  Like someone's lap. I turn to see Fred smiling sweetly.  Oh hey. I say.  Shhhhhh.  He says.  He puts a finger to my lips.  Then he leans in and kisses me.  I smile in my head.  I go along with it.  





Hey sorry for the short chapter!  I thought I should stop it right there.  Enjoy!


Harry Potter Gang

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