Imagine there was another witch in the Harry Potter Gang. Would she change anything? Imagine Harry Potter with another girl, who everyone adores.


3. A Fake Date to Remember

 "Hey I'm sorry for what happened on the train." Says Harry to me. "Oh that! "I say. "Harry, it was a dare."  Harry grins, and i smile back.  




"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!"  Says pofesser Dumbledore.  "Now Please enjoy the feast.  Thank you!" I reach over Hermione to grab the Drumsticks.  Then i reach over Harry for the buns.  when i was doing so, George shoved my hand into Harry's chest.  Harry falls backward, and very quickly grabs my arm before he fell.  Not again! I think.  But this time, we had Draco to pin us down intill he saw the Drumsticks by Crabbe.  We both get up, and i shake my uniform.  Sorry.  Both me and Harry said at the same time.  That was so awkawrd.  I thought.  Then i repeated that thought to Hermione in a whisper.  Hermione grinns.  I'm just suprised George is helping Harry get you, instead of helping his twin! She whispers back.  We both look at Fred, and he was talking to George with a stern look on his face. Hermione laughed, but i was worried.  This was going to be a long year.



I jump into bed, and close my curtins on my bed. i then look at the moonlight.  I love Hogwarts.



I wake to the sound of a owl hooting.  i moan, and sit up.  i pull back my curtins and see everyone else staring at the owl.  the owl had a letter attached to it.  it had my name in it.  Oh crap the Schdules!  I grab the note, and open it.  wait, this was from Fred.  Oh crap it all.  I quickly read it:


Dear Maya,


I'm sorry for what George did. He's a idiot.  But hey wanna meet me right by the forbbiden forest at 4:00.  Looking forward to seeing you there.






Ugh i'm can't beleive i'm saying this, but why is it me?  How come it couldn't have been Hermione or something!  I sigh.




At 4:00 I headed down stairs and out the doors.  I walked over to the forbbiden forest and waited.  Suddenly George popped out of a bush.  BOO!  I scream, and someone catches me.  Then the person who had catched me, fell.  I was now laying on top of Fred.  Ugh AGAIN! I think. Hey sorry, said Fred.  I shrug, and just follow him, into the forest.  Wait, i was following him into the forest!  We walk in till the trees become thick.  soon, i was shivering on the ground.  Oh come on Maya. Fred helps me up.  Thanks. i mutter.  We keep on walking in till we hear a sudden movement.  we freeze.  the bushes around us start shaking.  I scream, and Fred covered over me.  Then a bunny jumps out of the bush.  A little tense eh? asks Fred.  I smirk.  We both sit down, and i start to shiver again, suddenly i feel something snake around my waist.  i look down, and see a snake winding itself around me. Fr-Fred.  I mutter.  Fred looks down, and sees the snake.  He whacks it with a stick, and the snake unxpectly roars. it snakes around my waist even more, and it starts to squeeze.  i cough. Fr-Fr-Fred! Fred again whacks the snake and it unwraps itself.  i couch as it slithers away.  Are you Ok?  He asks me.  I am now. I whisper.  Thanks to you.  He leans in, and I wonder what to do.  Finally I sit up, and I walk away. I wasn't going to do it.


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