One Second

There's so many things a person deserves to experience before they die. Like having a family, falling in love, having your first kiss, making friends, and so much more. Maybe you haven't experienced these things yet, maybe you have.

But what if you only got to experience it all for one second.. before it was gone.


1. Chapter One

My knuckles turned white, and I could feel the sweat fall down the side of my face as I struggled to carry my suitcase. I didn't think I packed a lot, but I sure was wrong. I eventually carried it inside the house and looked at the staircase in front of me. "You're kidding me." I sighed and dragged my suitcase to the stairs and lifted the suitcase over my head. I stuck my tongue out as I concentrated on getting up the stairs with this giant thing balancing on my head.

"Do you need any help?" A British accent quickly caught my attention and without thinking I attempted to turn around to see who was talking to me. I instantly lost my balance and fell down the stairs. I ended up landing inside my suitcase with my clothes scattered everywhere. I froze in place staring at my feet. I'm so pathetic.. I shook my head and went to stand up, but my ankle hurt a bit. "Um, you okay?" The same British accent from before caught my attention and I looked up to see a blurry figure standing in front of me.

I panicked a bit. "My glasses." I mumbled and stood up not thinking of my sore ankle, and instantly I winced in pain and fell into someones strong arms. My face instantly turned red. "Maybe you should take it easy." I heard a low chuckle and they helped me stand up straight. "I'm capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much." I frowned not liking the fact that I was laughed at.

"I think you're missing something." He laughed a bit more and held something out to me. I was confused, but took it and instantly realized it was my glasses. I quickly put them on, and slowly looked up at the figure. He was tall and definitely fit. His hair was brown and curly, and his eyes were a gorgeous color of green. After staring at him for a bit he coughed and broke my daze. "Oh and you've got something-." He trailed off and pointed to my head as if there was something on it. I reached upwards and removed the thing on my head which happened to be my bra.

I quickly threw it in my suitcase as my face turned bright red once again. God dammit Iris, I mentally cursed at myself and shook my head. I'm clumsy if you haven't noticed. To try and avoid him I started picking up my clothes and putting them back in my suitcase. He also came and helped me pick up my clothes. "I really don't need help ya' know." He zipped up my suitcase after all the clothes were placed back into it. Then carefully stood up.

"Sorry, I'm used to helping out around here. I work for you grandparents." He smiled. "I'm Harry by the way." I nodded slowly.

"Nice to meet you." I shook my head not all that interested in meeting him after what happened. I grabbed my suitcase and attempted to drag it up the stairs. Harry Instantly took the suitcase from me and rested it on his shoulder as he carried it up the stairs. "I totally had that." He laughed softly and carried it without one sign of struggle into the guest bedroom where I was going to be staying. I followed close behind, leaning on the railing for support until my ankle stopped hurting.

I had never really been to my grandparents house, but I knew they were rich. Their house was absolutely stunning. Three stories of marble stairs and beautiful art work probably made my Leonardo Da Vinci himself. Honestly stepping on the floor felt like I was breaking that 'no touch' rule my mom always told me about. It's that rule where you can look but not touch. Then again I've lived in an apartment since I was born, and this was like a castle to me.

I stopped at my new bedroom door and took a deep breath before entering. My eyes looked around in curiosity, wondering what other beautiful objects could appear in this house. My eyes traveled to a small box placed on my bed. I walked towards my bed, and picked it up. I slowly opened the box and it revealed a silver necklace with a charm on it saying xoxo. The letters that brought back memories that haunted me. I held it in my palm and closed my eyes. "Iris my darling." I recognized my grandmothers voice and turned to face her. She smiled sweetly at me, "I see you found your mothers necklace." My eyes widened a bit, this was my mothers? I opened my hand to look at it once again. "I gave it to her when she was about your age, I thought you might like it."

I smiled down at it, finally having a piece of my mother I could hold onto. "Anyways, you sure have grown since you were 8 years old." She laughed a bit. "How old are you now?"

"17 grandma." She smiled at me then walked towards me, pulling me into a hug. I stood still as she hugged me. My grandparents had never really gotten along with my family. They would tend to accuse my father for not trying hard enough in life. They also hated my mother because she didn't work at all. So whenever my grandparents came to visit my father would lock me in his room, and I'd lean against the door listening to their conversation. They'd always be fighting and yelling at one another and usually it lasted for hours until they finally left. When they were gone my father would always come and unlock me from his room, and my mother would be crying.

I guess that's why I never really liked them, but they were still my grandparents. Once my grandmother pulled away from the hug she frowned at me a bit and then looked away. "So dear, school starts tomorrow remember, so make sure to go to bed at a decent time." She looked back at me. "Meals are also super important, you mustn't be late for any meals. Breakfast is at 6 AM, lunch you usually have at school but on the weekends lunch is at 12 PM.. and dinner is served at 7 PM, please make sure you're on time darling your grandfather.. well you know how he can be." I simply nodded not paying much attention. My grandma sighed and looked at Harry before turning and walking out of my room.

I looked at Harry as well, and he looked back at me. "Iris?"


"You have a beautiful name." I froze in place, why was he being so kind to someone he barely even knew? I know he works for my grandparents, but that doesn't mean he works for me. I looked away quickly and sat down on my bed. Silence filled the room for what seemed like minutes before Harry finally spoke up once again. "I have to go, I'll see you at supper then." I nodded and he walked out of my room leaving me alone. Alone...

I hated that word honestly. Being alone was something I hated, almost feared. But I've been alone practically my whole life. I've almost gotten use to the feeling.

I laid backwards on my bed, my legs dangling off the side. I placed the necklace around my neck and closed my eyes. I hummed silently thinking about random things. Eventually my body went week and I drifted off into a deep sleep.


I slowly sat up and looked around. I was confused when I realized I wasn't in my room. Then I remembered, everything. My eyes started to water but I swallowed and closed my eyes tightly blocking out all the memories and emotions. After I had calmed down I got off my bed and walked to the window, and pushed the curtain aside. "When you miss me look up at the night sky and know the stars will replace the emptiness in your heart so you know you're not alone." I turned around to see who was there, but nobody was there. The voice in my head was getting to me again. It reminded me of my mothers voice, but it was to faint to tell.

Maybe I had forgotten her voice. Could only two weeks without her make me forget her already? I frowned and looked down until I heard a loud knocking come from my door. I jumped and covered my mouth to keep from screaming. I quickly walked over to my door and relaxed as I went to open it, but it was suddenly opened and Harry walked in. "You could have waited for me to answer the door." I folded my arms across my chest.

"You're late." He whispered. Late? For What? I looked at him confused and I heard a bell ring. Harry grabbed my hand and started to drag me out of my room while I limped behind him my ankle still a little sore. We went down the stairs, and I spoke up. "Where are we going?" We reached the bottom of the stairs and he stopped and turned to look at me. His face was almost pale. "Dinner." He whispered, then turned around and continued pulling me along. I laughed a bit. "Why do you seem so freaked out?"

"Where is she?!" I heard a loud voice yell angrily as it echoed through the house. I tensed a bit and squeezed Harry's hand without noticing. We quickly entered the dining room to see a very angry man. "Way to make a great first impression Iris Jane Perkins!" I frowned as my grandfather used my full name and I let go of Harry's hand.

"Sorry." I whispered and took a seat. Sitting one seat away from my grandfather just in case. Harry had disappeared and we began passing the food around. There was chicken with mashed potatoes that had ham in it, and green beans. I stayed silent as my grandma passed me the chicken, and passed it straight to my grandfather not taking any. I also passed him the potatoes that had ham, still staying quiet. Once the green beans got to me I took a decent sized spoonful of them. My grandpa looked at my plate. "What's the matter with you?" He said harshly.. as if he cared.

"I don't like meat." I said bluntly, and my grandpa laughed. I looked at my plate and started to eat my green beans. The room went silent for a while until I heard another laugh from my grandfather. "My dear grandchild, haven't your parents taught you anything?!" I looked up to see all eyes on me. "Don't you pray before you eat?" He said almost in a rude tone.

I swallowed hard and started to feel my stomach churn. Pray? I didn't believe in God.. I bit my lip, not having enough courage to tell them. My nerves kicked in and my stomach began to hurt even more. I quickly stood up and ran out of the dining room and down the hall to where the bathroom was. I felt like I was going to throw up, but thankfully I didn't. I sighed in relief then walked back up to my room not daring to go back into the same room with that man.

I laid on my bed in silence, my stomach making weird noises telling me I was still hungry. I heard a knock at the door and ignored it in fear that it would be my grandfather. I've had enough of him for one day. "Iris." I recognized Harry's voice as he whispered loudly and knocked once again. I stood up and opened the door slowly. He stood there was a tray of food in his hands. My eyes widened in confusion as I looked up at him. "Your grandmother told me to give this to you." He held it out towards me, and I opened the door wider so he could come in. He handed me the tray and walked inside.

"Thanks." I smiled at him, and sat down on my bed with the tray on my lap. He sat on a chair by the window and looked at me. The tray was filled with some of my favorite foods, and it didn't contain any meat. A banana, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a chocolate pudding pie with whipped cream, and some tea. I began eating so my stomach would stop making weird noises.

After I had finished eating, Harry took the tray from me. "Tell her I said Thank you, okay?" Harry nodded and smiled at me. It was kind of an awkward smiled so I looked away.

"Sleep well Iris." I nodded and Harry left the room. I smiled as I grazed my fingertips over the necklace that was still around my neck. I quickly got up and walked over to the window, I opened the curtains and sat in the chair Harry had been sitting in. "When you miss me look up at the night sky and know the stars will replace the emptiness in your heart so you know you're not alone." I smiled as I closed my eyes leaning back in the chair. I fell asleep then, letting the voice echo over and over again.

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