Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


22. What did I just find?

  Chapter Twenty Two


  You woke up the next morning at about 10 am. You saw that Cameron was still asleep so you got out of bed and brushed your teeth. You opened Cameron's drawer and looked around for a shirt because none of your clothes were at Cameron's house yet. Thats when you saw it. There was a black, velvet  box hidden in between Cameron's clothes. You automatically knew what it was. You didn't know whether to open it or not.

  You hesitated and decided to just change your shirt. While you were changing you connected the dots, Thats why Cameron took so long last night. After you changed you thought about the ring walked over to where it was "hidden" and started opening the box slowly. But you closed the box quickly when you heard Cameron waking up. You stepped away from the drawer and acted natural. "Good morning babe." I said walking over to Cameron and kissing him on the forehead. "Good morning."

  Cameron said in his sexy morning voice. You smiled and asked "want anything specific for breakfast?" "Hmmmm...." Cameron said rolling on to his back. "What I want is for you to move all your stuff in to my house. But for breakfast...I guess we can have cereal." You smiled big. "Sounds good to me. Let's eat then pack my stuff up and move it on over!" I said excitedly. Cameron shot up out of bed and walked to you shirtless and only in his underwear. You took a deep breath trying to control yourself.

  Cameron pulled your waist in to him and began kissing your neck lightly. You moaned when he hit your sweet spot. He pulled away and kissed your lips passionately. You started to smile while kissing and so did Cameron. "You are so sexy *yn*..." Cameron said when he pulled away from the kiss. You blushed and looked in to his eyes. "" I said then patted his ass and walked in to the kitchen. You could feel Cameron's frustrated eyes on you as you left but you liked being a tease sometimes.

  After your and Cameron's AMAZING kiss you decided to get packing. "I called Nash to come over with his truck so it will be easier to move everything." Cameron said. "Ok sounds good. I'm gonna head over to my house and start packing, okay?" I said. "Good idea, we will be over in about an hour." Cameron replied. You smiled and began to head out the door.

  You felt something touch your back so you jumped in reply. "Don't worry's just me." Cameron said hugging you from behind. You melted in his arms. Cameron rocked back and forth. "I...gotta go." I said pushing the words out of my mouth. "C'mon...It can wait." Cameron said. "No, it can't." You turned around and pecked Cameron's lips and walked out. "When you get back?" Cameron yelled from the front door. You were already almost in your car. "Maybe!" I yelled back and closed the car door and drove off to my house.

  When you got to your house you heard your mom and someone else talking in the kitchen. "Hey mom I'm home!" I said. "Hey sweetie. Come in the kitchen, there is someone I want you to meet." You walked in to the kitchen a little suspicious on who it could be. Thats when you saw a man, who looked about your moms age, standing side by side with big smiling faces. "James meet *yn*, *yn* meet James!" Mom said excitedly. "Hi." I replied shaking James hands.

  "Me and James are...well...we are dating." She said smiling up at Ja said with a monotone voice. "So I heard you are moving in with Cameron." Your mom said. You looked at her confused not knowing how she knew about it. "Cameron told me. He is just the sweetest boy." She said. "Yes he is. I am very lucky to have him.

  Well if you don't mind me I'm just gonna go start packing up my room." I replied. "Sounds good babe. Me and James are going out. Call if you need anything!" Your mom said yellingmes. You wanted to drop your jaw and open your eyes wide but instead you kinda just stood there. "Cool." i up to you as you walked up the stairs. "Nice to meet you!" James yelled. "You too!" I replied and ran to my room


  WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN DANA!? I know I know and i'm sorry... Iv been caught in a TV show not gonna lie its anime and i'm bummed because the next season isn't gonna come out until 2015. Freaking creator of Attack on Titans! ;-; I have also been caught up in school. I was so tired this morning i clicked on the wrong test on the computer gotta retake that Tuesday >_> FML! I Will try to update as much as I can, I will tell you we are coming to the end of the story:( and I will suck at ending sooooo its most likely going to suck OH AND BAILEYS NAME IS NOW AMY!! Just like the name better. Thanks for not spamming UPDATE, because I will sooner or later and if you read all this I will tell you a secret... I sleep with a giant teddy bear which looks exactly like the one Cam grinded on. Anywaaayss thanks for being patient with me <3. Thaaaanks c:



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