Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


11. The Mall

Chapter Eleven


 After I finished breakfast I went up to my room and noticed I got a text from Cameron. "I'm doing okay. Wanna come over around 2?" He asked. "Sure! I miss you..." I sent. I layed on my bed and read the time. 12:53 pm. I decided to watch Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Cameron replied saying "I miss you too :)" I smiled. I was half way through the movie when I started to think about Bailey.We haven't talked since the whole fight thing and didn't expect to. I missed her but then remembered the things she said to me and that thought went away. I continued to watch the show until the episode ended.

  The clock read 1:58 and I quickly got up and applied light makeup and brushed my teeth and hair again. I went downstairs and said bye to my mom. I got in the car and drove to Cameron's. Like always... it didn't take long. I pulled up in his driveway and got out. I walked up to his front door and knocked. He opened the door and smile. I gave him a great big hug the second I saw him. I could tell he was still a little sad about his grandpa. "I love you." He whispered in to my ear while I was hugging him. I was shocked. He said 'I love you' first! I pulled away from the hug and said "I love you too." we leaned in and kissed passionately.

  I licked his bottom lip for permission to enter his mouth and he accepted. We both fought for dominance. I pulled away and smiled at him. "You are so beautiful." He said and caressed your hair. I gave him a light smile and let go of the hug. "So whatchya wanna do?" He asked me. Possibilities were endless.

 "Hm wow...anything your up for!" I said as we both sat down on the couch. We thought for a little. "How about shopping at the mall?" Cameron said. "I know girls love that." He said. "Yaass!" I said. "Okay. C'mon lets go to my room so I can get changed." He said.We got up and I followed him to his room. I sat down on his bed and watched him walk over to his dresser.

  He pulled out a long sleeve grey shirt and some tan shorts. I thought he might go over and change in the bathroom but then you remembered he was a guy... he just pulled his pants off and started to change. I kept watching feeling a little weird about it but I couldn't help myself. He pulled up his shorts and took off his shirt revealing his 6 pack. I bit my bottom lip starring at his abs. He saw me looking at him and winked as he pulled his shirt over his head. He was so sexy. He walked over to the mirror and fixed his hair. I walked over to him and hugged his waist from behind. He started tickling me out of control.

  I started laughing historically because I was so ticklish! "Stop!! Cameron!!" I shouted. He finally stopped. "What was that for?!" I asked when he was done. "I saw the way you were looking at me." He said and biting his bottom lip. "Sorry babe, you were just so... sexyyy." I said innocently. He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist. "It's okay. I like it when you look at me like that." He said softly and started kissing me. I kissed back. I pulled away and said "when are we leaving?" "Right now! Now go get your ass in the car!"

  Cameron said trying to scare me. We walked over to his car that was parked. I got in the passenger side and sat down. He got in the drivers side and started the car. Off you we were to the mall. He turned on the radio and found a good song. Adore You by Miley Cyrus. He started singing a long so badly that it made you laugh. Car rides with Cameron were the best. He seemed fully recovered from the news about his grandpa and I was so happy to see him happy again.


 We pulled up to the mall in no time. "Listen, not only do I want to spend time with you, but I want our relationship totally public." Cameron said pulling in to a parking spot. Me smiled a little. "Im scared Cameron. What about the hate?" I said as the car stopped completely. He looked at me in the eyes. "Jessie, I love you. Theres always going to be those haters and no one can change that, I'll always be right here no matter what though." He said. We just starred at each other and eventually you smiled. "So, are you ready?" Cameron asked.

  "Yeah I think so." I said opening the car door. We got out. Cameron held my hand as we walked towards the mall. I looked up at him and said "I love you too." replying from earlier when he said it. He smiled at you. We entered the mall and walked over to Forever 21. "Can we go in here? I love that store." I said pointing to Forever 21. "Sure babe." He replied. We walked inside and were greeted by one of the employees. I started looking around while Cameron was just following behind me looking around. He eventually got on his phone while I kept shopping. When I finished, I tried on your clothes and went to check out with Cameron.

  "Your total comes to $74.39." The cashier told me. I got out your debit card and handed it to him. He handed it back after he swiped it and handed you your clothes that I bought. "Thanks." I said. "Have a nice day." He said and smiled as I walked away. "Are you hungry?" Cameron asked me. "Uh yeah kinda." "Alright lets hit the food court." Cameron replied and off we were to the food court. "What are you in the mood for?" He asked me. "I think I want some soup from Paradise Bakery." I said back.

 "Okay." He said and we both walked over to Paradise Bakery. We both ordered our food and payed. We found a seat and sat down. Thats when two teenage girls came over and asked "Oh my gosh!! Are you Cameron Dallas and Jessie?!" One girl said. "Yeah." Cameron replied smiling for his fans. "Can we get a picture with you?!" She asked. "Of course!" He said and we all stood up and took a picture. After just a little more talking the girls thanked both of us and left. We both finished eating and then walked around a little bit more. Two more groups asked for pictures and talked with us for a little. That's when the crowd grew and started surrounding us both. 'Oh no' you thought to myself...

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