Cameron Dallas | Member [Discontinued]

Your POV: You go to Magcon with your best friend Ally to meet Cameron Dallas. Once Cameron saw you in the crowd he thought love at first sight! You fall in love and get his number only to find a love full of ups and downs.

(This description sucks ass but it's a good book... well until the point were it's cut off)


8. Swimming

  Chapter Eight



 I got up from the couch and followed Cameron's directions. I opened the door to Cameron's room and WOW! It was the master bedroom...that's when I realized that this is actually Cameron's house. His room smelt just like his cologne. I instantly smiled in delight. I walked back to the opening that led to the master bedroom and looked around. It was so big and nice. After I went to the bathroom I looked around a little. 

  The shower was huge and there was two sinks. I walked back into his room and snooped around a little. It was a pretty fancy room actually. There was a king size bed that had a blue and beachy bed spread. The room was themed like the beach. My favorite place. There wasn't any things out of the ordinary but overall you loved his room. I walked out and closed the door behind you. Before you entered the living room I listened in on what they were saying... I heard my name. "Wow man Jessie is sexyyy."Taylor says to Cameron. I smiled at that.

  "Yeah I know man. She's a really cool person too." Cameron tells them. I smile even more at that. "So have you guys kissed?"Carter asked. "Nah man, not yet. We are taking things slow."Cameron replys. "Ya boiii Cameron has a girlfrieeendd!!"Nash says really loud. They all laugh. I slowly enter the room when I think they are done talking about me. They were all smiling at you as I walked in, and I pretend like I didn't know why so I just give them kind of a confused smile. I sit right back down where I was and started to watch the movie again.

 The movie ended in about an hour. It was good! "Who's up for a swim?"Taylor suggests. "Yeah we should!" I said agreeing. "I like this girl." Taylor said chuckling. I chuckled with him. "Okay yeah sure. Do you want me to drive you to your house real quick to get your suit?"Cameron asked me. "Uhm yeah that would be good." I said. "Unless you want to borrow one of mine?" Cameron asks laughing. "haha that wouldn't work out too good." I said standing up and following Cameron to the car. 

  He drove me to my house and I quickly run in and put my cutest bikini on. I run back outside to Cameron's car and hop in. "Oh crap I forgot a cover up!" I said closing the door. It was too late Cameron was already on the road to his house. "It's okay babe you don't need one." He says smiling at me. I chuckled and realized he called me babe, I love the way that sounds. When the car was parked I hopped right out and ran inside, Cameron followed. "You can head out to the pool with the rest of the guys I still gotta get my suit on." Cameron said walking in to his room. "Don't take too long!" I said running outside. The guys were already in.

  When they saw me they starred at me, it was awkward until Matt started the chant..."Jump, Jump, Jump!" The rest of the boys joined in and I ran and did a big cannon ball in to the pool. "Damn girlll" Nash said when you came up from the water. I laughed a little. Cameron opened the door and walked right out. He looked so sexy without a shirt. "Do you want hug babe?" I said as I got out of the water and ran over to Cameron with my arms wide open. You gave him the biggest wet hug ever.

 "Ahhhh" Cameron said as I squeezed tight. "Thats it your gonna get it!!" Cameron says as he lifted me up bridal style and jumps in to the pool with me in his arms. I screamed and plugged my nose. We both splash in to the water. We both rise from the water and laugh. "Wanna race to the steps?"Cameron asked me. "Be prepared to get your ass kicked!" I replied. We both lined up from one side of the pool. "One. Two. Three GO!!" I say and off we went. We were head to head but then I grabbed Cameron's waist and swam over him. I swam as fast as I could until you reach the steps.. "Ha I won!" I say as we both rise from the water. "No fair you cheated!"Cameron said sitting next to me on the steps.

  I look around to see if any of the guys were looking at us and they weren't. I turn around and sit on Cameron's lap facing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and move in close to him. He moves closer too. our noses were almost touching. He put his hands on my waist. "I didn't cheat." I whispered and leaned in closer. Our lips touched half way. Thoughts going through my head right now. Holly crap I'm kissing Cameron Dallas. Oh my god... That means Cameron Dallas is kissing me... This just got intense. Am I doing it right? Yeah I think so.

  Damn he's so fricken sexy right now. Are people watching? Whatever, After a couple seconds of passionately kissing I pull away. I got off Cameron's lap and started to swim to the other side of the pool. "Catch me if you can!!" I say and swim as fast as I can. It didn't take long for Cameron to catch up to me. He pulled my ankles back and I screamed underwater. He started swimming in front of me and I caught up to him and swam right on his back. I latched on and wrapped my arms around his stomach and wrapped my legs around too.

  I was like a sloth and Cameron was the branch. When he got up from underneath the water you were still latched on. "Where'd she go?" Cameron asked sarcastically like I was a little kid. "BOO!" I yelled and he screamed and went underwater. I unlatched from him and swam up to the air. We both sat on the step again, and Cameron pulled up over to his lap. I sat the way I was earlier but this time Cameron took control. He put his hand on my neck and started kissing you passionately.

  He licked my bottom lip for permission to stick his tongue in my mouth and I gladly accepted. "Aww C'mon guys!!" Carter yells over at us. I pull away from the kiss and turn your head to look at them. We both smile. I turned around and start to kiss Cameron again. This time I was trying to annoy the guys so I kissed more passionately. Thats when all the guys started walking over to where we were. They started splashing water at us from the side. I pull away from the kiss and get off of Cameron's lap. We both start to splash them back! It turned in to a big water fight!


 Thanks for almost 100 reads! I'm going to try to put 1-2 chapters a day.. Starting tomorrow c: (School has just been stressful so i'v been busy) Thaaanks!!


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